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    Sorry inside joke, but ive laid off the forums a tad bit. But to me they are either crowded or no one is ever on.
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    Money issues lol, i never posted up much before but im about to get with it
  3. any specs on them,might be interested in one
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    i believe i signed up a while back but never posted till now,i some items posted up for sale here and have a few more i need to get rid of.is this forum more geared towards selling and buying or information discussions?
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    whats up,97maxia now on this forum better known as 97maxima on smd.
  6. I have 7 sets of Fusion Encounter 5.25 comp sets up for sale,$40 plus shipping per set or $70 for 2 sets plus shipping.Ships from Sc.I have a few that can vouch for me on SMD and good feedback for my sales on ebay(member id: Adam_on_chrome).Each set is new,includes 2-5.25" midrange,2-1" tweets,and 2-crossovers per set.I except payment via paypal