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  1. livinloud_zk

    WTB: big 12s or big 15

    want either one 12d2 one 15d2 or two 12d1 let me know any prices shipped unless near ohio will have cash if you are. feel free to pm any offers.
  2. I have an old style btl 18 dual 2 fully loaded that has a hole in the surround and a broken tinsel. also the tinsels wore through the spiders quite a bit. will have pics in morning. i also have a memphis mojo 2500 used about 2 months on btl @ 1 ohm off of strong electrical. want either 2 big twelves or big amp or make offers thanks for looking.
  3. livinloud_zk

    FI, SSA, tc

    do you still have the btl?
  4. livinloud_zk

    12" Fi BTL sub

  5. livinloud_zk

    fi btl 18

    d2 fully loaded btl 18 old style non universal. both positive tinsels broke so I crimped them back together. has decent sized scuff in surround that was covered with silicone. with 6 cube box 450. without box 250. thanks.
  6. I have an orion 275g4 2 channel amp in near mint condition with the handles. Im asking 600 OBO. Plz dont hesitate to make reasonable offers just dont lowball me. pics will be up shortly and will have pics with screenname and date in morning.
  7. livinloud_zk

    FI, SSA, tc

    hows the output of the btl compare to your xcon? I have a btl 18 and would like to downsize and was debating between the two..
  8. livinloud_zk

    fs/wtt: memphis mojo 2500 and btl 18

    amp no longer for sale.. I am keeping due to the fact i dont have any more amps left besides this one. The sub will remain for sale till it gets sold. I am located in 44805 Ohio and am willing to travel if you want to pick it up. I wont ship the box if you want it youll have to pick it up guys. PLZ someone make a reasonable offer.
  9. livinloud_zk

    fs/wtt: memphis mojo 2500 and btl 18

    someone buy us!!!! if you dont like the prices or wanna do some trading then send me some offers I need this stuff gone for my new project.
  10. livinloud_zk

    fs/wtt: memphis mojo 2500 and btl 18

    I have the sub in a 6 cu. box @32hz would like 400 picked up in 44805 or near. Would also like to get 450 shipped for the memphis amp. thanks for looking.
  11. livinloud_zk

    new here

    hey guys im tryin 2 find more time to post on here and ssa ive been a member @ ssa for a LONG time but never had time to really post anything. anyways thanks for having me guys!
  12. livinloud_zk

    fs/wtt: memphis mojo 2500 and btl 18

    im having trouble posting pics if anyone could help it would be very nice of you
  13. livinloud_zk

    WTB broken amps

    sry guys wrong thread my kids messin with my computer
  14. livinloud_zk

    WTB broken amps

  15. livinloud_zk

    fs/wtt: memphis mojo 2500 and btl 18

    thanks im takin pics right now
  16. livinloud_zk

    WTB broken amps

    i have a clarion dpx 11500 1500 mono if you wanna make an offer the board is pretty fried just fets but left quite a bit of residue
  17. livinloud_zk


    is that price shipped?