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  1. 15" TC LMT Prototype with Quick-Detach Top Assembly w/ Lighting Audio Basket . It uses the LMS 4000 motor. It is a svc 3.2 dcr. The original owner was Zeuslicous from CA.com. My cousin Stupify (CA.com) bought it from him then i bought it from him.. Zues said he used it for 5 days. Stupify had it sitting in his room for about 2 years. He used it for a HT sub for couple days. He had a lot of subs and I asked if I could buy it so I did. I didn't have a amp for it and never got around to getting one. So it hasn't been used much at all. It has a aluminum cone that does have a couple small dents. Not really a big deal though. It was like that when Stupify got it from Zues. This is the coil next to a MT coil that Zueslicious took when he had it. The sub was never taken a part since. I'm looking to get $300 + shipping. I have paypal. I should have more picture sometime later toinght.