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    opinions about this amp

    I know someone selling a used Alphasonik PMA-1000hca amp. http://www.mainstreet-audio.com/Merchant2/...y_Code=ALPHAAMP I don't know if its worth 275 dollars or not. I don't know much about it so I need some help on deciding if I should dish out some money for this. I don't know how true to the rated wattage the amp really pushes. I don't know what its wattage is rated at either. Thank you for the opinions. I was going to get a Us amps MD3D amp if I don't get this 1000hca.
  2. slim2fattycake

    opinions about this amp

    Well, I found out one bad thing about this amp. It is not a Class D amp. It is an A/B amp. It does however have 2 gauge power connection. How big of a difference is it from A/B class to D class?
  3. slim2fattycake

    opinions about this amp

    Yea, see even if it was rated at 14.4 volts, it would be a crazy deal. Too good to be true kinda deal. The only things that are wrong are 1 broken amp leg that the owner will replace for free and the plexi glass was cracked or whatever.
  4. slim2fattycake

    opinions about this amp

    at 14.4 Volts?
  5. slim2fattycake

    home audio for my friend

    I vouch for the MJ-18M. I have 1 in 11.8 ft cubed box tuned to 20hz. It is crazy for movies and really good for music as well. I bet it would be much better for music at 35hz tuning.
  6. slim2fattycake

    "Meh" offically a word

    lol. This is funny. I just hope that some other words will not turn into something everyone has to acknowledge as formal language. For example, 95% of the words in rap music.
  7. slim2fattycake

    huge F/S thread

    I wished someone could buy my md2d and that i can also get enough money for one of those sundowns.
  8. slim2fattycake

    My 120" Home Theatre

    is that 120" horizontal or diagonal? I used the projector calculator on projectorcentral.com and I don't see how with only 11Ft, you can get a 120" horizontal or diagonal. For 120" diagonal, it said that you still have to be about 13ft away and that is with zoom. This is the optoma hd65 right?
  9. slim2fattycake

    My 120" Home Theatre

    How much lighting is allowed with that projector? I want a screen about 100" diagonal but don't want the room to have to be complete darkness like a cave to get a unwashed out picture. How far away from the screen do you have the projector?
  10. slim2fattycake

    RCBenclosures Box build

    you should have went ahead and installed everything else for that person.
  11. slim2fattycake

    Best Amp for under $500

    im amazed too. but i got my two us amps md2d ('06) for under $500 so im good. but that would be nice to see that deal though.
  12. slim2fattycake

    Mustang Enclosure v4

    the mustang has a hard trunk to build for. but this looks like its going to be neat and snug.
  13. slim2fattycake

    RCBenclosures "F3RR3T" 94 gmc worklog

    really. that is nice. i have two of those in my girl's mustang in a 2ftcu. sealed box. it doesnt move air like that but it looks great.
  14. slim2fattycake

    Funny Pic/Motivators thread

    damn, im going to start watching girl's volleyball.
  15. slim2fattycake

    NOOB?!?! HA

  16. slim2fattycake

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    yea, its just me.
  17. slim2fattycake

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    dont you get some profit off the ads or something? man, if it was me, i wouldnt give the time lol. im lazy as hell.
  18. slim2fattycake

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    i wonder.. How much you get for starting this website? it sounds like a lot of work and time.
  19. slim2fattycake

    My 120" Home Theatre

    how much did that screen cost? automatic?
  20. slim2fattycake

    I Must retire for the night

    that sucks.
  21. slim2fattycake

    I Must retire for the night

    what is RSD?
  22. slim2fattycake

    Funny Pic/Motivators thread

    lol. these never get old.
  23. slim2fattycake

    My 120" Home Theatre

    nice screen area.
  24. slim2fattycake

    1997 Tahoe 2-Door (2) 15" ICONs

    whats the dots on the box for? or am i seeing something different?