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    tealsemen reacted to 1969_stang in MTX 9500 12's for sale!   
    I have two of these for sale, only had them for a couple months and they are awesome, never bottomed out no clipping etc etc. no scratches on them, still look like new. I will get pictures soon, I am looking to get 220 a piece plus shipping.
    Selling these two get either two 18 inch BTL's or two HDC3 18's
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    tealsemen reacted to S.DeYoung in * Benefit Raffle For St. Jude Children's Research Hospital *   
    Benefit Raffle for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

    Raffle with all proceeds going to St Jude Childrens Research Hospital
    $10 a ticket
    Send gift through PayPal to lucilledeyoungfoundation@gmail.com
    Seven prizes: 15" SSA Icon, 12” SSA GCON, 10" SSA GCON, 12” SSA DCON, SSA Dickies Shirt, (2) Two $25 coupon codes to the SSA Store
    Raffle will last one month and end on February 24th, 2013.

    On November 6th, 2012 my wife and I welcomed our first child into this world. Lucille Louise DeYoung was born 10 weeks premature into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She spent 64 days in the NICU and came home to us January 9th, 2013.

    My wife’s pregnancy was a struggle from the beginning. After many complications, being told that we would more than likely lose the baby, and a few trips to the E.R. they finally admitted her (28 weeks pregnant) and told us that she was going to stay until they decided it was time to deliver the baby. After just a few days they decided that it was no longer safe for the baby and that she needed to come out.
    Lucy was born a perfectly healthy baby at 3 pounds 2 ounces, perfect all except for her brain. A MRI done a few days after her birth revealed that she suffered a large amount of brain damage. This left my wife and I with so many questions that the doctors could not answer. What does this mean? Will she ever go to school? Ride a bike? Walk? Talk? We still don’t know the answers to these questions but there one thing we do know: She is our miracle baby and the she has already progressed farther than the doctors were expecting.
    I am not telling you this story for sympathy but to bring awareness to Lucy’s and other children’s situations. My wife and I would like to raise money for children’s research and help prevent our situation from happening to others.
    Each ticket will cost $10 each. A number will accompany each ticket you buy. Each number will be written on a bottle cap and placed into a jar. Every bottle cap will be the same size and shape to ensure equal odds for everyone. The deadline for purchasing tickets will be Sunday February 24th, 2013 @ 11:59pm. The next day, Monday February 25th, I will make a video of the drawing and I will post it here on SSA in this thread.
    How to buy tickets
    Please send a gift through PayPal to lucilledeyoungfoundation@gmail.com
    Make sure to include “St. Jude Raffle”, which forum you are using, and your screen name into the description
    An acknowledgement of the gift received will be sent and I will provide you with your raffle number/s.Please allow one or two days for me to respond.
    I will be updating the second post of this thread with a list of who has donated.
    If you prefer to be an anonymous donor please let me know.
    At the end of the raffle I will send a PayPal donation to St Jude. I will post this transaction in this thread.

    Grand Prize: SSA Icon 15D2

    1st Prize: SSA GCON 12”
    Dual 2ohm voicecoils

    2nd Prize: SSA GCON 10"
    Dual 4ohm voicecoils

    3rd Prize: SSA DCON 12”
    Dual 4ohm voice coils


    5th & 6th Prizes: $25 SSA Store coupon code
    Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital

    The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Consistent with the vision of our founder Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family's ability to pay.
    Please share this with everyone you know. I do not frequent many forums, so if you would like to share it on any other please do.
    I would like to thank my wife. She is the toughest person I know, without her strength, Lucy would not be here today. I would also like to thank SSA (Aaron and Mark) for allowing me to do this on their website and for the great products they offer.
    Thank you for your time,
    Sean DeYoung
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    tealsemen reacted to Aaron Clinton in SoundSplinter Orphan 8 sale   
    Check them out here:
    SoundSplinter Orphan 8 sale.
    This is a one time sale as these are not going to be made again anytime in the near future.

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    tealsemen reacted to Audio-Concepts in Wtb....car Audio Banners/signs   
    Just as the title states i am looking for some banners/signs old or new to decorate my shop/garage. PM me with anything you may want to get rid of.
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    tealsemen reacted to Emery.H in Tuning An Amp By Ear   
    This kind of setup you can easily tune by ear, which I prefer over the DDM method. Here is a little "how-to".
    Find a song that is bass heavy around 40 hz or so. Start the song with the SSF and the gain all the way down, and the LPF all the way up. Have everything flat on your HU, and then turn the volume on the HU to your MAX LISTENING level (you must not ever go past this point after tuning or else further risk danger to the components of the system). During the bass heavy portion SLOWLY turn the gain up 'till you're happy with the output or start to hear mechanical noise, smell anything funky, see stress in the surround, stop hearing any increase in volume, or anything else out of the ordinary. Back off the gain a tad and make sure your voltage is steady. If the voltage is dropping below 12.4 back the gain off. Some will have a different number for that, but that's the lowest I ever want to see my voltage, which never happens .
    Once you're happy with where the gain is get a 30 or 31 hz track and turn the SSF all the way UP. Turn the tone on and slowly climb to your MAX LISTENING level. If the sub is moving too much you may want to back the gain down. If the sub is only moving a little you can start to turn the SSF down 'till you start to hear mechanical noise, smell some funk, or see any distress. If you notice any of those happening, turn the SSF back up a tad to stop them from happening. If, at any point you're happy with the output you can stop turning the SSF down and have it be there, no harm done.
    Great! You've got low end! Now let's tweak the higher spectrum that the sub plays at. This is going to vary on your own personal taste. Some set their LPF at 60, some 80, others 100! It all comes down to what you want your sub to be doing and how you want your music to sound. Personally, I have mine set to 80, I believe, with a higher slope. We will use that for this walk-through.
    Turn the LPF all the way down, sound familiar? Get a 80 hz tone and start at a low volume and work your way up to MAX LISTENING level. Make sure there isn't any of the previously stated hazards happening. If there is, tap your gain down. If not, then slowly start to raise the LPF to a point where any of them start to happen (back off at that point) or 'till you're happy with the output at that point.
    As for your slopes that's going to be another personal preferance which you need to tune around. I would start with a higher slope on the low end. If you're not happy with that, turn the amp off and switch it to a lower setting, again watch for any hazards that would result in more signal being sent to those lower notes; heat, mechanical noises, over excursion, stank. For the HPF slope I have a steep slope because i have my HPF relativly high (to those that prefer 60 hz or 80. You know who you are!). This depends on where you want you midbass played. My mids don't really have much mid bass, so I have my subs do some of the work. I'm happy with it, but you may be happy with a lower slope and a lower HPF. Remember; the higher the slope the sooner the amp is going to cut signal to the frequencies on the other side of the filter. i.e. if you have your HPF set to 80 with a 12 db slope you're going to have more output at 100 hz than if you used a 18 db slope.
    Through all of this you need to watch your voltage reading. If it gets too low adjust accordingly to prevent such drops. I don't advise walking away from this and saying, "I'm done, lets go beat the trunk up". You need to listen to a range of songs to see what other songs play like. Some will get very low, which hog power (watch your voltage and listen for mechanical noise). Others play heavy notes for a longer period of time, which drains power and makes a lot of heat (watch voltage and constantly be aware of any heat/electrical smells and pause the song to feel the cone and make sure it's not getting excessivly warm).
    Main point I'm trying to make here is that you may be constantly be tweaking your setting to get them dialed right in to where you want them and sound best for your listening tastes at a safe level for the components of the system.
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    tealsemen reacted to ParrishTechGroup in New Build - 1994 Ford Mustang GT   
    Finally found a deal on a car I couldn't pass up. Since this car actually belongs to me and is not a company lease, I can do with it as I please. So, I'm about to start my long awaited Linear Power / Blues build.
    I know, its a convertible. But, I always like a good challenge.
    Here are just a couple of pictures before I get started.

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    tealsemen reacted to Robert Ranaglia in Suggestions On System Install.   
    I have a 1994 Chevy Silverado Z71 K1500 4x4, i'm currently wanting to hook up 6 speakers to my 4 channel amp, but need guidance on the best way
    to hook it up.
    I'm more experienced than most, but i'm still trying to learn new ways. i currently have the kicker amp, the Four 6 1/2" infinity speakers wired series to the kicker amp, a hertz amp, with 2 rockford fosgate P2 10's wired parallel to series to the hertz amp, my head unit ran directly to both amps, and the main power running parrallel to series. all in a little 02 chevy camaro, but i want to transfer it to my silverado.
    So i know the more basic stuff, but i just need a little help on this new install.
    If you can help than reply to my post or send me a private message, thank you
    Again, i'm currently wanting to hook up 6 speakers to my 4 channel amp, but need guidance on the best way
    to hook it up. so help me if you can, thank you.
    ----I Have The Following:
    DX400.4 Kicker Amp ---- 2 Infinity Reference 6030cs 6 ½” 2-way series component speakers ----
    2 Infinity Reference 6032cf 6 ½” 2-way series car speakers ---- And I’m going to be getting ----
    2 Infinity Reference 3002cfx 3 ½” 2-way coaxial car speakers.
    You can find everything i have on sonicelectronix.com
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    tealsemen reacted to Aaron Clinton in Lincoln Motor Company Making A Comeback.   
    I hope they pull it off.

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    tealsemen reacted to Aaron Clinton in CA-F Workout   
    Was thinking for the CA-F members, we could start a running work out topic. I am in the gym at least 3 evenings a week, but I know I will never be in the condition I was in when I was training, or personal training or during college. Since August I have stepped it up some. So is anyone else actively working out?
    I am doing about 25 mins of cardio and 35 mins of weights per work out.
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    tealsemen reacted to ssaudio in Sundown Audio E8V3 Photo Shoot   
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    tealsemen reacted to ssaudio in CA-F.com Never Ending Story   
    basically a thread to post a never ending chat/conversation in.  Enjoy
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    tealsemen reacted to RAM_Designs in 8-Pack Of Mids - $40 Shipped   
    Email me at Ryan@RAM-Designs.com if interested....I do not respond to PM's, and may take a while to respond to posts. Email is definitely the best way to get a hold of me.
    Item(s) for Sale:
    Sony 5.25" shielded neo mids.
    Item(s) Description/Condition:
    Brand new, never used or mounted.
    This Sony neodymium woofer features an attractive, high quality treated paper cone, high-excursion flat spider, and extended pole piece for improved bass response. It is recommended for use in surround speakers, mini monitors, or compact multi-way systems, as well as being an ideal candidate for line array designs. Magnetically shielded.
    *Power handling: 20 watts RMS/40 watts max
    *VCdia: 1"
    *Le: 1.52 mH
    *Impedance: 8 ohms
    *Re: 7.71 ohms
    *Frequency response: 80-6,000 Hz
    *Fs: 81 Hz
    *SPL: 85.3 dB 1W/1m
    *Vas: 0.16 cu. ft.
    *Qms: 7.81
    *Qes: 1.10
    *Qts: 0.96
    *Xmax: 3 mm
    *Dimensions: Outside Diameter: 6-7/16", 5-1/4" across flats, Cutout Diameter: 4-7/8", Depth: 2-1/2".
    8 for $40 shipped, will only sell in multiples of 8.
    Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:
    Included in price.
    Item Pictures:

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    tealsemen reacted to pro-rabbit in New Enclosure Pricing!   
    Since we have found a new vendor for our supplies we have been able to save a few bucks here and there and decided to pass along the savings to everyone else.
    NEW Pricing!!!!!
    1.0 cubes...........$60.............$100
    1.5 cubes...........$70............$110
    2.0 cubes...........$80............$120
    2.5 cubes...........$90............$130
    3.0 cubes...........$100...........$140
    3.5 cubes ..........$110...........$150
    4.0 cubes...........$120...........$160
    4.5 cubes...........$130...........$170
    5.0 cubes...........$150...........$180
    5.5 cubes...........$160...........$200
    6.0 cubes...........$170...........$210
    STage 1(included in basic pricing)
    basic carpet
    rounded port edges
    bracing as needed
    Up to two sub woofer cut outs
    Stage 2 $15 extra
    All of stage 1+
    Double Baffle with or with out flush mounting
    (up to two sub woofer cut outs)
    Kerf Port $15 per Kerf
    Extra sub Cut outs $5/ea
    Carpet can be customized to your application and will be priced per request
    Plexi glass will be priced per request
    Any cutomization can be done per request
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    tealsemen reacted to Aaron Clinton in Ssa Evil...   
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    tealsemen reacted to Kingstroker in Okie From Guthrie   
    Greetings fellow audiophiles. I've been a member of ca.com for a few months and thought this forum may be more to my liking. I'm more of a SQ than a SPL guy. There's some good guys over there, excellent buys on new and used equipment, a good knowledge base but a little too much drama. I'm getting ready to start a system build in about a month. I met Ray and Steve at the Blues Audio/Linear Power lab in Stillwater a few months ago when I needed some amp work done( thanks to Cablguy184 ). I have a lot of Knukonceptz 12ga & 16ga wire, Stinger RCA's, DEH-80PRS(just ordered), fuse and distribution blocks, 50' of 0ga for a big 3(7 in my case) upgrade and amp power. I'm running Kappa Perfect 6.1's up front and Pioneer TS-D's 6x8 in back. Ray is fixing me up with a modded LP 4753IQ, can't wait to get it. All this is going into a '05 F250 King Ranch crew cab diesel.
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    tealsemen reacted to shizzzon in Group Buy + New Products Spl-Lab 2013   
    This will be the last group buy from SPL-Lab before we re-design our website and publicize our rep and retailer base more effectively.
    We have some new revisions of our products to go over, cheaper group buy prices, combo deals and SMART Monitor all tied in on this one!
    Group buy starts NOW and ends Feb 17th, 11:59pm EST
    We will not be offering custom calibrations with this group buy because of some new revisions to our products You will see the specs listed below.
    To be a part of the group buy, please PM me your email address and we will send you an invoice to be paid for $165 via Paypal or using Paypal processing.
    You can either pay that amount or pay in full by letting us know to invoice for full amount.
    Remainder amount needs to be paid within 60 days from now.
    All Group buy orders are expected to ship right around the time the group buy is over and quite possibly sooner!
    NOTE- when paying, please let us know what you are purchasing.
    Below is what we offer-
    For information on our meters, please visit our website at- SPL LAB USA
    USB Meter-
    110-183dB 10hz-120hz NEW for 2013
    Price - $319 Group buy
    LCD Meter-
    120-180dB 20hz-120hz
    Price - $379 Group Buy
    USB Pro Meter-
    110-183dB 10hz-120hz NEW for 2013
    Price - $499 Group Buy
    Wireless Bluetooth Meter-
    120-180dB 20hz-120hz
    Price - $379 Group Buy
    USB Noise Meter-(RTA)-
    80-140dB 10hz-15000hz NEW for 2013
    Price - $229 Group Buy
    RTA Pro Meter-(RTA)-
    90-130dB 10hz-20000hz NEW for 2013
    Price - $339 Group Buy
    SMART Monitor-
    Protect and measure AC and DC voltage and current
    DC- 0-200A protection and measuring. 0-30V protection and measuring.
    AC- 0-100A protection and measuring. 10-300V protection and measuring.
    Uses TRUE RMS measuring algorithm.
    Onboard Flashable Rom to allow measuring in realtime the following-
    AC Wattage output
    Impedance "Rise"

    User can easily flash back to use for protection of circuits and drivers in vehicle.
    Full Group Buy Price- $329
    Group Buy Price with only 1 DC or 1 AC sensor- $284
    User can purchase additional sensor anytime in the future if need be for $55.
    Combo Group Buy Pricing-
    Purchase any SPL Meter (usb, usb pro, lcd, wireless) and the RTA Pro and receive $50 discount.

    Purchase any SPL Meter (usb, usb pro, lcd, wireless) and the USB Noise Meter and receive $30 discount.

    Purchase any meter and the SMART Monitor and receive a $40 discount

    Purchase 2 Wireless Meters and receive a $40 discount

    NOTE: Wireless Meters are on a delay. We are estimating ETA to be 5-6 weeks from now before we get them in.
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    tealsemen reacted to Aaron Clinton in 5 Years Of Ca-F   
    I just realized, that it has been over 5 years since we launched this place, technically September of 2007 but we can count the start date of this software in January of 2008 . It had gone through a few different versions early on (once an SMF board), but finally settled on this set-up/version. Over the early stages, we had a few large bursts of traffic, then a large drop off in traffic due to a major host issue. Later down the road, we merged in Classifiedzz.com into CA-F to have a larger member base in one place and have a bigger more organized classifieds area on here. So I just wanted to thank our long running members and our small, but helpful moderation team. I hope CA-F continues to grow and the site is online for another 5 years, and another.....
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    tealsemen reacted to 6APPEAL in Events Listing for Team Linear Power / Blues Car Audio   
    I found out this morning that the class I am attending has been moved back a week. So I will be able to make it to SBN with the truck. But, Donna's car will not be ready. Too many irons in the fire.
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    tealsemen reacted to ssaudio in Brand Spanking New Website   
    Brand new site, including tons of social media upgrades, faster load times, better SEO options (for us), & a sleek new look. and the new sites color scheme matches the forum perfect!

    We now have a sweet new download section, in here we can add what ever we like, so as you guys think of some cool things to make available, the sky's the limit.
    (besides copyrighted material, IE, MP3's, etc...)

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    tealsemen reacted to Emery.H in CA-F.com Never Ending Story   
    Why so low, don't you know that blue bulbs add 5-10 hp each?
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    tealsemen reacted to ssaudio in Platinum Image Painting.com   
    started this page for a very close friend of mine, got alot of it done so far. Check it out if you would like. Even has a matching CL ad & business card design with it