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    If you want to get technical, a tri coat paint job is base coat, candy or pearl mid coat, and clear coat! When you do a paint job it goes primer, sealer, base, the mid coat if necessary, then clear coat! The primer isnt a stage of the actual paint, it is a prep stage! Ive been painting cars and bikes for almost 10 years!
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    Never too early to start.....right!?!?
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    Favorite Quotes

    Simple, just post up some of you favorite quotes. You could either just put "quotes" around it or put it in formation.
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    2011 Volkswagen Gti

    Couple night shots with iphone.
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    2011 Volkswagen Gti

    How much money do you have? muffler and intake would be my first choices
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    Well everyone, Im new to the forum and wanted to share my build log of my daily driver! The vehicle is a 1998 Mercury Sable The equipment: Headunit: Alpine 9886 Knu Konceptz wiring Front stage: KEF KAR160q Front stage amp: Linear Power 952iq Equalizer: Alesis MEQ-230 Subwoofer: Onyx LS V.2 12" Sub amp: Zapco Studio 500 LE Crossover: Coustic XM-3 This build is already started, so I will post pics of my radio housing, being as I have a digital dash and no dash kit, I fabbed up my own in the ash tray area! Test fit! Still needs lovin! Finally installed!!
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    Awesome, received t-shirt, membership card and vinyls today. It's an awesome thing to be a member. Ruth should have done this back in the days with Linear. Ray and the team did great with this. I hope they keep it up! I live in Sacramento area so I will rep Linear power like I always do locally. Now with the shirt and vinyls it looks more official. There's a lot of people in northern Cali, that have the fever for the Linear scene but don't know how to go about it. This is one very major way to do so. Hopefully I can get more memberships out there. Thanks guys!
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    The Slowest Lp Build Ever

    Hey guys, so I retired from the Air Force in December 2012 and have been working on the most budget oriented build in history lol. I like to barter and buy/sell a lot of old school goodies. That way I don't dip into any of our funds (especially since my first is on the way on December 11), and it makes it quite the challenge. My grandfather passed in 2004, and he was a HUGE Cadillac fan. Well when I got out of the service in December, the 88 Eldorado became mine. I'm currently going through a legal mess so the Cadillac is staying at my grandmother's house for a few more months. So I spent around 6 months planning the build and I'm still not 100% on a few things, but I've been working on the things I can nail down. Pics to follow. Here's the patient. So I plan on running EJS Audio Full Size Horns under the dash, and 8" midbass woofers in the doors for the front stage. At the moment, I'm either going to run a pair of Acoustic Elegance IB15AU's vented into the rear deck running Infinite Baffle, or a Single DSS Ethos 15" ported at 22Hz. This kind of depends on my ability to get ahold of a Linear 8002SW or other LP sub amp. If I can't, I'll find something to power the Ethos. I traded and sold a bunch of my older audio stuff about 5 times and finally got ahold of the amplifier to power my midbass drivers. Then I repeated the process to get her repaired and modified. When I have all of the amplifiers for the build, I will have the heatsinks powdered and refinished to match, and I will be making new bottom plates. One of my close friends will actually be airbrushing the end of the amplifiers with my own "twist" on the LP logo with a few customizations. Should be pretty awesome when it's all done. Here's the midbass amp after it was repaired and modified. The capacitors in the photo all match but one, so I spent to have them all matched and upgraded. I'll post pics of that later when I get her and her sister back from my amp tech. I also had the speaker terminals replaced with something a little more user friendly and 4 awg pigtails run. The ones in the photo are currently being replaced with Stinger Pro 4 awg. I'm a Stinger dealer at work and I really support the company, so expect to see A LOT more Stinger involved in the install. Alright here's a little under skirt shot of her. LOL. So this is pretty much where I am in the build. I TOLD YOU IT WOULD BE SLOW! I'll have pics of the 3002 after she's finished, as well as the amp for the horns. Stay tuned, all comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated! Drew
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    Anyone From Maine?

    Doubt I'll find anyone on here but it's worth a shot lol.
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    Sorry to hear about the problems with the first house, but looks like things turned out ok. Nice garage!