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    Pexiglass Bending

    The joint is going to be the weak spot. It will be extremely tough to get it to seal and not crack. The tubes in the iso-kits are drawn as a tube with no seam which makes them very tough on a vertical axis for clamping the tube between the woofers. It could be that once you get enough clamping force to make the tube seal you will crack at the seam. Finding plexi (or something else) already draw/constructed as a tube will save you a lot of trouble.
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    It drives me crazy that I had to install them with the logos vertical. The binding posts whould hit the window regulator if I put them in horizontal. Temporary mount so I can have something to listen too. The epicenter is being used as my high pass filter, 33 hz, but the knob does some pretty impressive things to the 6.5's. I never get sic k of trying to see how deep I can get them to go. This stuff showed up in the mail last week!
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    Cool good luck with the build, waiting to see more! ISO loading your subs does several things. It cuts down on cone distortion, it gives greater dynamics and punch, it requires half of the air space to make the same bass as one woofer, with two motor structures it will handle more electrical power. Kicker Solobaric or any other small box woofer was designed under the same theory as isobaric design. The only characteristic that they maintained with the traditional isobaric design was the use of a smaller enclosure. To have one woofer act in theory like two woofers in a isobaric enclosure the moving mass has to double. To have one cone weigh twice as much as normal reduces efficiency, it also requires a heavier suspension to keep it under control ( you have to be able to start and stop the heavier weighted cone ) this makes a slower, more muddy less dynamic bass. Motor structure is also increased to try to increase drive to this heavier and stiffer assembly. Which is all counterproductive to dynamic natural bass response and requires even bigger amps to move this monster that has now been cleared. It has one purpose now and that is more of a SPL woofer not for quality sound. A isobaric loaded pair of highly efficient lighter suspension and light weight coned woofers have greater transient response and dynamics. Since the two drivers are air coupled in the tightly sealed small area between the two drivers all the acoustic energy from the rear speaker is driven into the front speaker cone re-enforcing the energy already driving the front cone. Isobaric design gives you more bass from smaller space, but it doesn't ruin the sound quality aspect of your bass response to get it. It can actually improve your bass. The ISO-KIT 8 and 10, are premade kits that just drop in a standard 10 inch or 12 inch woofer location. They require no work from you to fabricate anything other than a basic sealed or ported enclosure. And the clear cylinder that attaches the two drivers, minimize the air space in the sealed compartment between the two speakers which further increase the effect and efficiency.
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    Deadened the doors with whatever scrap I had laying around. The plates are 3/16" steel wrapped in dynamat.
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    CA-F.com Never Ending Story