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    Aaron Clinton

    SSA Customer Rewards Program

    ** SSA Customer Rewards Program ** Here is how it works: You purchase a brilliant SSA Dcon 10D4. Once the order is processed, we will place 10% of the Dcon 10D4 purchase price (NOT TOTAL SHIPPED PRICE) on your SSA Store account as SSA Store credit. It looks like this: ~ $114.99 purchase price of SSA Dcon 10D4 from initial order.~ $11.49 is placed on your SSA Store account that can be used towards a future purchase. See, very simple, if you need another example, just ask. All you do is place an order for an SSA product, get 10% of the purchase price applied back to your SSA Store account as SSA Store credit for a future order. Please keep this topic to actual questions about the program if there is any. This is a thank you to our discerning customers who want to run some of highest quality speakers on the market. NOTICE: We (SSAudio), reserve the right to end the promotion at anytime and this is subject to change without notice. This rewards applies only when your purchase a wonderful SSA brand product, but the rewards can be used towards any other item on the SSA Store towards a future purchase with a maximum of $300.00 stored as credit on your account. This is something brand new that we are going to try out. If the response is good, we could keep it going indefinitely.
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    First build in old F100

    took the video and didnt realize the sub got dirty haha but oh well