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[EnjoyTheMusic.com]A Brief Look Back At 2017 As We Look Ahead To 2018

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At a gathering I was having a casual conversation with a friend of a friend about music and high-end audio. Eventually the discussion led to the Dan D'Agostino Momentum Integrated amplifier I was reviewing at the time for Enjoy The Music.com, and whether a $50,000 amplifier would be within any sane person's budget. He said to me that even though he is very well-off (he is about two-steps away from being the CEO at a financial company), he would never consider a purchase like that. I said to him that the D'Agostino's products were rather popular, and that some who have an extraordinary passion for music, combined the means, are willing to spend that amount of money. He was not convinced, and we ended up agreeing to disagree. Yet, I still feel that the combination of a love for music and some money in the bank not only applies to an opulent piece of gear like the Dan D'Agostino Lifestyle amplifier, but for just about any piece of high-end gear. Read More


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