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Dorsey Omalley

Alpine V.s. Lp Products (E-46 Upgardes)

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High end class D amplifiers do not have that problem, their designs are much more complex with multiple phase outputs.

Who cares ... We have the op (Dorcey) taken care of ...

Enough of this bullshit !!!

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I am not comparing Alpine to LP, just that Alpine is not all cheap junk. For one of the big name brands, they are a good offering.[/b]

I will agree with this ...

We have team members that use their head units and processor networks ... and these guys are very picky about their systems. I'm sure they've had a chance to run their "better end" amplifiers, but when you look in their vehicles ... you can barely count the number of Linear Power amplifiers that's in their trucks on one hand ...

I have nothing against Linear Power, I'm sure their products work great but to say nothing comes close to output and size in incorrect. There are many small footprint powerful amplifiers. JL HD and Alpine PDX series come to mind off the top of my head. You guys do realize the Alpine he is looking at is smaller and just as powerful as the LP? and its a class D which is more efficient that class ab. I'm sure it is a lot cheaper as well, but LP doesn't list prices so who knows.

Aparently you have something against Linear Power, considering you are defending EVERY other amplifier on the market ...

Question though ... If these amplifiers are worth your time defending ... what amplifiers are you running ???

and you guys over in the other pond call us brand boners ...

I would put Zed Audio at the top of amplifier build quality, Stephen Mantz has been in the industry forever and has built amplifiers for quite a few big name companies

Really ??? and we've yet to see one in major competition Sound Quality vehicles ...

Can you prove to me LP uses better components than alpine to make its products?

I will say this ... Linear Power spared NO EXPENSE to make these amplifiers. They use the absolute BEST parts that money can buy to go into this equipment ... and EVERY amplifier is hand built and tested here in our own back yard better known as the USA ...

I see plenty on eBay that don't sell because of unrealistic reserve prices, there are even some on SSA and diyma that have been on for months that haven't sold.

Most old school LPs you see on Ebay these days are aplifiers that have been cherished for years ...

Now that the New Amplifiers are out ... Die Hard Linear Power guys that know what they have are letting their amplifiers go to buy the new ones ... Reason I know this is I'm one of those guys that has sold everything I could to get these new machines in my truck ...

Let me guess, class D amplifiers can't sound as good as class ab?

Most of us here could care less what a class D sounds like because we've actually found out what "sound good" is suppost to sound like ...

and its a class D which is more efficient that class ab.

More Efficient ... Maybe for all of the other class A/B amplifiers in this world ... Definately NOT for the new Linear Power amplifiers ...

Really? The is the fan boy bullshit I am talking about. LP somehow designed a class AB amplifier to be more efficient than a class D. Here's the kicker, no one else ever has figured out how to do this but LP.

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Dude ... What the fuck is your problem ???

Why so much bicker ??? I said we have the op taken care of ...

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Seriously? Those two names don't even belong in the same sentence when comparing amplifiers. Alpine are entry level at best, and LP is top shelf. It's not even close.

So I guess you are saying an amplifier isn't an amplifier? Otherwise I am not sure I follow. A description of why would be very beneficial. Please share.

Instead of subjective response, please describe anything that makes the LP better. Forego your ears unless you in detail describe your blind A/B testing of them and instead focus on factual descriptions of the hardware. I know I for one am very interested and I am sure that everyone reading in this forum is as well as that is exacty why it exists--to share the benefits of using an LP amp. We are all ears, please share but keep it to technological facts and not subjective. I'd love to understand how these amps are better than Alpines. Since there are a lot of you posting that the definitely are we'd love to hear about the research and investigation that led to this belief.

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