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Does The 5002(Non-Iq) Have Internal Protection?

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A little background to the setup: 5002 pushing 2 IDQ12v3 d2s wired at 4ohm stereo(mono signal to the amp from the active x-over).

Do these amps have any sort of channel protect on them when shorts occur? It seems when I hit a hard bump(enough to skip the CD player, thanks Chicago roads), the output drops

considerably(about half, as if one channel cuts out. I haven't confirmed a single channel actually shuts off. It definitely sounds like it may though). If I turn the CD player off/on, it will typically start up just fine with full, clear output. I'm figuring something is shorting out on the heatsink/bottom plate when jolted, or an internal connection coming loose from age. I was thinking about sending this into TIPS in the next couple weeks for a refresher anyhow, but this pretty much begs me to send it in. Is there a substantial cost for the servo feedback circuit upgrade along with the repair cost? I might as well go full gusto if I'm going this route.

A little offtopic from the repair side, but I was also curious about the differences between the 5002 and the 2502IQ. The website seems to rate the 5002 quite a bit lower in almost all stats compared to the 2502IQ, but I have a hard time believing it's the lesser amp in terms of power(it also does have a much greater fuse rating, which isn't always indicative of power, but...). While the 5002 is away, the 2502IQ will take its place.

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I forgot to mention, all the external connections to the amp are extremely secure, as well as the amp being fastened securely to the trunk floor. I can actually cause this to happen by tapping the heatsink.

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The "IQ" in Linear Power model numbers means:

"I" Inverted channel, one internal channel is inverted so the amp can perform stereo, or bridged or mixed mono, by just how you hook up the speaker wires.. Older models needed either the internal bridge switch flipped or the use of an "XO2" to make the amp "Bridged."

"Q" Quiet turn on circuit.

Reposted from "www.Linearpower.com"


Our stable amplifier design is made virtually indestructible by two protection circuits. One is a precision thermal protection circuit, which prevents

damage from high frequency oscillation, or an excessive ambient temperature. The second protection circuit is a current sensing device guarding against

instantaneous abnormalities, such as short circuits. Both circuits are automatically resetting. A turn-on delay has been added to prevent speaker

damage from turn-on transients.

Please remember that the 2502IQ(1995 first made) was about a 2 generation step newer than the origional 5002's which came out in 1986.

the 5002/5002iq is rated at 250 x2 RMS @ 0.12% THD 20hz-20Khz, 565 watts bridged and 1100 watts peak.

Where as the 2502IQ is rated at 125w x2 RMS @ 0.06% THD 20hz-20Khz, 600watts bridged and 1400watts peak.

I can understand the confusion. But having owned both of these amps I can tell you the 5002 is UNDERRATED!

The 5002 has an extra set of outputs above the 2502's, and runs at a higher internal voltage. So yea it makes more power the 565Watts bridged.


This information was printed in the origional lit. I do not know the testing conditions that were used to get those numbers, But I will ask Ray @ Linear Power to chime in and try to make sense of this.

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The 2502IQ has the newer style HV power supply design and is a stronger power supply than the 5002IQ design, the 2502IQ was built to a lower internal voltage and a lower power rating but the stronger power supply design is able to hold output power up better. Even with it designed for less power it comes very close to a 5002IQ. But the 5002IQ was underrated somewhat as Thunder says.

The 2502iQ was the first amp to use the newer hybrid fet driven bipolar converter that the HV line of amps used. The 2502IQ became the 2.2HV with some very minor changes.

The problem you have sounds like a bad connection or loose part inside the amp not a protection circuit.

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Thanks, Thunder, got it. It sounds pretty much as expected. I guess the 2.2HV/2502IQ/5002 I have are fairly on par with each other with minor benefits/differences, but ranked...in that respective order-ish. That's good though. I'll probably swap the amps out this week and start getting things wrapped up. My initial thought was to keep the 5002 on the subs, and it has served well as such for a while.

Linear Power, could you PM me a price on the servo circuit upgrade if you still perform it? I'll most likely tack that onto the repair bill when it comes to. We can communicate when you receive the amp as well. Either way works. Thanks!

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