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  1. Are these published anywhere? I'm building a mix matched 3 way with blues 8" Iso-Kit( will be running these at 8ohms), Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.5" and SEAS Neos 1".
  2. Older(90's) Blues 8" 4Ohm Speaker Specs

    The other day one of my 4 ohm 8's gave out. Are they rebuildable? Will new voice coils/cones fit? I would like to go with 8 ohm is this possible? Have them in an ISO mount. This number is stamped on the underside of the cone: 20-0845-003
  3. This..... Is...... Targa!

    isn't that one of those newfangled license plate pressin machines
  4. Ask Me Your Questions!

    I'm in the process of building a console enclosure. Due to space limitations I'm going to use a couple of 4 ohm older 8" Blues in an isobaric configuration. Would a cone to cone or cone to magnet sound best? I hear there are cooling issues with the cone to magnet front speaker and something about the push/pull have some sort of cancelation benefits. I'll be powering these with a modded LP22IQ.
  5. Getting ready to go active and wondered which would be better. Since the HU will be sending an already processed signal would it be better to run the amp in the full range mode or satellite(high passed) mode? It will be feeding Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.5" and Seas Prestige 1" tweets.
  6. Deh-80Prs + Lp4753

    Thanks guys
  7. Deh-80Prs + Lp4753

    I was thinking the same thing but there is usually someone smarter than me that will chime in. Still have to build my console for my Blues 8", got sidetracked bulletproofing my 6.0L
  8. Has anyone tried this(1oz/gal)? Supposed to increase power and mileage, add much needed lubricity to the fuel system(pump & injectors) and quiet the injectors. The guys on Diesel Bombers forum that drive Cummins swear by it. The wonderful all knowing government is coming out with some great new no sulfur fuel which drains all the lubricity and mileage out of it.
  9. Diesel Section For Our Diesel Guys!

    Finally got done a few days ago. Also upgraded the turbo feed and drain tubes. I thought I messed something up when I couldn't get any boost out of the turbo. Turns out you must hook the MAP sensor vacuum hose or the turbo just lays there a does absolutely nothing but drive you crazy. The "street" SCT tune will smoke the tires for about 50' but I haven't actually floored it. Now I need new tires. Best piece of advice I can offer is get about 3 or 4 closed cell foam pads used to put underneath your seeping bag and tape them together to lay over the radiator/grill area. Spent a lot of my time either up on my knees or laying completely across the front with both my hands on the back of the engine. Oh, and can't forget swivel ratchet wrenches, magnetic and claw grabbers. Can't do without the last 2.
  10. Diesel Section For Our Diesel Guys!

    Got forced into a DIY performance upgrade when my oil cooler went out, welded up the egr, upgrade oil cooler, upgraded fuel pressure regulator, High pressure oil pump stc fitting standpipes and dummy plugs, rebuilt turbo, added coolant filter system and a SCT tuner. Scared me the first time I put the hammer down. also went fully synthetic on lubricants. I'm about half way through it and I'm sore as hell.
  11. Cablguy184's 1949 Ford Tudor Sedan

    put it rat thar in that there turn signal and itle be oite
  12. I would like to run it 2 channels stereo. Would like to run it into the front comps and remove my rears so I can put most of my truck back together.
  13. Can I Bridge My Lp 4753Iq?

    I guess I could use the 2202 I just got modded after I paint it. I gotta take the 4753 out to paint it anyway.
  14. Can I Bridge My Lp 4753Iq?

    was wanting to go passive, so I guess I'll open up my 80prs manual to see how/if I can do it active. Waiting on my Iso ring before I start my console chambered woofers.
  15. Can I Bridge My Lp 4753Iq?

    just wanting to run one set of 4 ohm comp from a 4 channel
  16. Can I Bridge My Lp 4753Iq?

    in the last part of the introduction paragraph it talks about bridging and 6 ch operation but I need pictures to understand it.
  17. tweeter pods: for SEAS Neo textiles, stay tuned....
  18. 2005 F250 Budget Build In Progress

    Had some liquid gold($93/pt) left over from getting my hood and trim painted. Going to try to paint one of my amps with it, if it works I'll paint the other. Metallic copper should look real nice.
  19. New Head Unit

    I dropped the face plate a couple of times and knocked the knob off. Snapped it back on, connects the same as most units with a D shaped post. I was a big fan of Victor Company of Japan's home component stereos back in the late 70's.
  20. New Head Unit

    I love my 80prs. Didn't find any bad reviews except from amazon, none that I've seen from authorized dealers websites. Lots of bad opinions from people who own HU's from other manufacturers that are no longer produced or just Pioneer haters. It's probably the most popular HU with audio enthusiasts in any price range. As far as the software update, that is for 2012 products (update is dated 1/13). I'm sure units produced after the update release have updated software. OS system requirements are usually minimum requirements but these questions can all be answered most definitely with a phone call. I was never a Pioneer fan until lately, now I own 3 HUs and set of D series speakers.
  21. Diesel Section For Our Diesel Guys!

    Real nice! Love the paint.
  22. Tug 0' War

    yup, that's redneck, pull my finger, no seriously pull my finger
  23. Cablguy184's 1949 Ford Tudor Sedan

    spammer mania up in here ... Sorry about that, got 20 notifications of jibber-jabber. I don't like jibber-jabber! But I do like purple. Flat or satin black with some plum crazy accents would be outstanding. Put some of that '70s purple fake fur on the dash ,seats, headliner and floor. It will help acoustically deaden the interior.
  24. Cablguy184's 1949 Ford Tudor Sedan

    kill him now!!!!
  25. Older(90's) Blues 8" 4Ohm Speaker Specs

    Thanks, great info