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  1. Amp Protect Mode

    about 6 months. second battery cant happen not enough space to put one and will putting my 3rd of the big 3 wires help at all?
  2. Amp Protect Mode

    okay thank you
  3. Amp Protect Mode

    yes till the kicker 1200.1 i have not upgraded the power/ground to 0 but i have 2 of the 3 big three wire running 0 gauge and yes its one duralast gold top with stock alternator. the fuse is now the rockford fosgate maxi fuse with 100a fuse. the main thing i want to know is why when i first start my truck its at 14.2 volts but then later drops to the low 13s and never charges back up to 14.2. but like i said earlier the voltage drop is no where near as bad as it was now that i fixed the fuse.
  4. Amp Protect Mode

    now i just need to keep my vaults constantly at 14.2 when i start my truck it stays at 14.2 but start listening to heavy bass it drops to 13.1-13.3 and will never charge back up to 14.2 even if i turn the music down. the voltage drop is no where near as bad now that i replaced the corroded wire just to put that out there.
  5. Amp Protect Mode

    replaced my fuse holder fuse and cut the corroded wire and no more problems.
  6. Amp Protect Mode

    well just took my old fuse and fuse holder out power wire is corroded and the fuse holder plastic was fused to the fuse from high heat i guess this is my problem?
  7. Amp Protect Mode

    well thought i finally fixed my amp issue and yesterday it started doing it again. wouldnt do it at lower volumes but once i had it turned up loud for a couple of minuets it started doing it. but then when i turned it down it kept shutting off every time the bass hit even with the volume at 1. it has never done that before so i turned my car off then back on and it was good at volume 15-19 but once i got in the 20s it started doing it again and my amp started making a loud buzzing noise. i have no clue what the problem is. i looked at my fuse and fuse holder today and my fuse holder is cracked and my fuse has rust on it could this be the problem?
  8. Amp Protect Mode

    i figured out my problem!
  9. Amp Protect Mode

    i thought that was the problem but it did it with just one sub too tested with both subs and amp goes into protect mode for a split second sometimes so fast the light doesnt change when i had my old 6190 hd it never did this the only thing left i can think of is something in the head unit is this possible?
  10. so i just got my re placed head unit from kenwood because my other one fried and with this one sometimes when i turn the car off every thing on the head unit shuts off except the light around the buttons and i can still hear it running. its a 6190 HD anyone have any ideas why? the screen shuts off but the buttons lights stay on and i still hear it running.
  11. Amp Protect Mode

    alright my first guess was right blown sub. got back there and listed to them one was making a funny noise so i took that one out and now no more cutting out on my amp. but now my impedance went from 1 to 2 and now only have one sub so not nearly as loud as i was:( but i guess thats what i get for almost doubling each subs rms power for more then a year.
  12. Amp Protect Mode

    alright found out another thing it isnt going into protect mode when the bass stops its just stopping for some reason. i watch the amp when the bass stops and the protect mode doesnt come on what could it be? iv only seen it go into protect mode for one time for a split second but besides that it doesnt go into protect mode and the bass stops.
  13. Amp Protect Mode

    also i know voltage isnt a problem because it does it when im going on the high way at high speeds so i know its getting plenty of power.
  14. Amp Protect Mode

    i have tired disconnecting the sub that i think is doing it. the voltage isnt that low before this started happening i could play alot louder volume and nothing bad would happen. i just got a new head unit because my other one froze up on me so the only thing thats changed is my head unit. and i noticed one sub feels stiffer then the other one.