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  1. Blues Subwoofers

    You ever get this set up on a Linear Power amplifier ??? This is giving me some crazy ideas ... Hint: Someone got their welding skills sharpened while working on the air ride ... Nope. I will be picking up a LP 2150 at SBN 2014 for this...
  2. Blues Subwoofers

    i have the bl 10" in about .4 net sealed, low passed at 30 Hz.... its great...but i know i am doing it an injustice since it is amazingly great at playing upper bass frequencies also.
  3. The Slowest Lp Build Ever

    man...u got the record there...its really the slowest build ever lol .... have a good one bro!!
  4. Alpine V.s. Lp Products (E-46 Upgardes)

    ^Agreed....I have owned many amplifiers/ speakers also in various systems, JL, DLS, PG just to name a few and without a doubt, the LP amps and speakers are my choice regardless of price. I am currently competing against 4 and 3 way front stages that are competition built with all external processing etc with my 2 way stock built front stage and i am whooping ass going and coming. tonality, imaging, staging... the equipment combination requires minimal eq ing. Speaker systems deliver from 30 Hz upwards effortlessly and into the upper 20's in usable range. I have competed without a sub woofer once and beat everyone at the competition. The equipment is worth more than twice the cost simply because i have not heard anything close. The noise floors in the amplifiers are ridiculously low to the point where u hear the cd motor in the head unit even when coupled with high efficiency speakers. The power as the name implies, is truly Linear as you dont even have to listen to the system at higher listening levels to experience great sub bass that is extremely transparent. I would recommend Linear Power equipment to anyone who can afford it. As i am on the topic of affording it...food for thought is created when considering 3 and 4 way installation: 1) More vehicle Modification required resulting in devaluing vehicle and reducing originality. 2) More wiring required resulting in higher chances of cross talk, noises, whines 3) More amplification channels/ amplifiers needed increases cost 4) More processing required to correct time alignment/ phase issues 5) More Space occupied by system in trunk etc 6) Higher Installation cost 7) Longer installation period 8) Higher likely hood of system problems as all connections in system designs are considered to be weak links and the obvious understanding that if you have more equipment then chances of equipment failure is higher. 9) Tuning can be significantly more tedious and more difficult to get right 10) Coloration effects resulting in an unreal experience. Choose you system design wisely.
  5. Deh-80Prs + Lp4753

    Full range once u go active. Just make sure and don't mess up your HP. LP , BP frequencies. Thats the same HU i am using...
  6. Let me help you with your decision on the components. B L U E S.
  7. oh my beautiful...would love to have a listen but...
  8. looks good... you know i have never seen a basic looking dynaudio install lol
  9. Teamcapri 1992 Mercury Capri Xr2

    i have tried lots of stuff on my dash but no difference really. I guess its install specific...
  10. Linear Power In The Lambo!

    It is a modified factory bracket with a 1" mdf plug resined and glassed into it. I don't have any pics of the mod but its pretty stiff. This build is happening at my other store and I haven't been getting pics as often as I like. I would have gone with some all new custom pods instead....just my personal preference and way of adding mass for the woofer to work against.
  11. Linear Power In The Lambo!

    Dude is that speaker mounted on the plastic pod that comes in the door? Is the wiring coming out of it? WTF...pass me a pistol
  12. Linear Power In The Lambo!

    ^^yuh... i hope to see a detailed build log
  13. Taylor's 2003 Ranger Extended Cab

    ^^^wow... the loudest i've had was 1 - 15"...
  14. Taylor's 2003 Ranger Extended Cab

    X2^^^ I think Ray might stop making subs soon and just continue to make great speaker sets lol
  15. Taylor's 2003 Ranger Extended Cab

    lol^^^ relax smooth...i was just highlighting how great the components play bass lol...for most of my music i dont think i really need a sub...but for some at louder listening levels i definitely do...