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  1. "Rednecked Okie"? What part of Oklahoma are you in?
  2. Capacitors

    Simple answer to that: Find your bottleneck and upgrade that element(s). It's almost always inadequate wiring or battery and never a need for an external capacitor. Read carefully what Ray and Jimmy have said above and then start looking at your system. From our perspective if any of our amps needed more capacitance in front of them we'd have added more internally. I'm not disagreeing with the above statements but adding to it. Capacitance does help with system noise but you should fix your noise problem properly so that you need little to no additional capacitance to clean that up. Good luck.
  3. New 240Sx?

    One of the guys in that project is a friend of a friend of mine. I've never met the guy being in Japan. Rumor has been that idea had been put on the shelf years ago with it almost done. I imagine with the Toyobaru garnering so much attention Nissan felt they had to get in early since they had an almost completed project. One thing Nissan can capitalize on is they have built a great platfrom for their midsize cars. The Z, G, share the same platform with the Altima being a close derivative. In all my years in the Z car community I've seen how their technology matures. Often times (especially in suspension) it is literally a maturity change and not a "throw it out the window for something else" change. I would assume the SX, Silvia, 240SX, 160SX, whatever will be on the same platform with very similar suspension to the older siblings. Throw on whatever body you want and you have a good car.
  4. Mercury Sable Old School SQ!!!!

    Race cars are never money makers. Half the time you can't get crap for them. Good job.
  5. Last time I had one on the AP I think it was FLAT down to 10 or 15 Hz and started to roll off below that. I believe it makes at least 60% power at 6 Hz. The new revisions on the production boards will improve that some as well. SQ Audio: One of the things I find with the current Japanese cars is they don't have room for our 6.5" in the factory location unless you space them out. On my WRX and a friends 370Z they have to be spaced out 1.5" to clear the windows. But the door panel sticks out so far that only puts the speaker <.5" from the door panel. It's actually a real good thing.
  6. Thank you. Yes we hand build all the amps. I hope to move a new website into place pretty soon that actually has useful info on the amps. The only automated process in assembly are the surface mount devices get stuffed by a machine. We hand assemble and test everything from there. Pics of 2250 in various stages of assembly:
  7. It's mostly fear or lack of doing something themselves to find out that you can port an SQ driver. Keep it in line with what Smooth and Six are using and you'll be happy with the enclosure. By all means try some different things for yourself and see how you like them.
  8. Cablguy184's 1997 Chevy Silverado

    No reason you can't accomodate both.
  9. Yeah! Are you putting any name on there? It's nice to see a persons reaction when they have no preconceived ideas.
  10. If you're willing to do the work to vent it externally go for it. I've wanted to try that myself for years. I've got one car with .25ft sealed enclosures behind the kicks sitting under the front fenders. I've never vented into the wheel well because of the environmental impact on the drivers. I think a solid kick panel with external venting would be incredible on a BL65. Smooth: I meant don't try to do a tuned port style enclosure.
  11. Congrats on the first place. Your 701 has hiss? Is that normal for one of those? Don't try to port the kick. You'll never get the tuning low enough to do any good. You'll end up with a huge peak in the midbass. Run that sealed and maybe play with poly fill if you like. You could try cutting holes to get to other cavities of the body but expect to spend time chasing rattles from unknown locations.
  12. He knows 33. That's when he turns is down to talk. That's probably why I do all the driving so I can be in command of the radio. If you want a HP on the 6.5 it will be pretty low. Especially if they are in a small sealed kick panel. On some of the SQ cars we have crossed them in the mid-high 20's. Some, not many. This will vary car to car but a good general rule. Richard beats on his system pretty hard (It's a solid SQ setup but has great low end). He does demos for us at shows and I never fear sending people to him.
  13. You might consider the 8" for a sub. It will save you quite a bit of space in there and the only drawback to the 10" is max output. The .13 ft for 6.5's is going to hinder their low end a bit. That is really small for them. Are you set on doing them in the kick panels vs doors? The .13 ft is a space limitation I assume?
  14. His 2250 is what will be the production unit. We are still dialing in some details like protection circuits which are value changes. His ISO-Kits are 4 Ohm assemblies in series so the amp is bridged to run 8 ohms. Sub up front can be terribly effective. It has the potential of being troublesome of course but if you are willing to do the work it's the way to go. We run them ported because we like to. They work just as well sealed but slightly less output in the area the port would have effect. We often use the port to extend the low end where the woofer is rolling off. Instead of the typical peak that people expect it results in a low end roll off that starts lower and cuts off sharper. The reason so many ported enclosures are boomy is usually people don't pick the right frequency, use the wrong size ports, or don't put any effort into vehicle placement. Our industry has gotten to where ported enclosures are ONLY used to make a peak louder. Ported enclosures have been used for decades in home and pro audio with great success to benefit a driver where it's needed. There are lots of systems that use ported chambers on midranges and tweeters. Yes, tweeters. It also has an affect on FS and impedance which is a common problem on tweeters. There are lots of technologies that are used to smooth a tweeters impedance curve from porting, tuned chambers, and an endless list of zobel style networks. Randalls truck will do 15 Hz all day long. I've been in the back seat when it was lower than that but I don't know the exact frequency. Johns truck is anything but boomy. It's a very solid but flat bottom end. Again, a lot of effort was put into doing it right to accentuate what each person wanted in their vehicle. Most of our guys run simple but effective systems. The construction usually isn't epic but the time to dial in details really is.