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  1. Blues Subwoofers

    Ive always had good luck with putting mids in dash locations and angling them toward the center. Works great and makes the stage wide as all get out!
  2. Retirement

    There comes a time in everyones life that you feel its time to move on. After trying to figure out who we were going to tell first Lea Ann and I have decided to tell everyone at once that we have decided to retire from car audio. After more than 20 years of competeing Ive decided to put my time into my other passions (motorcycles and helping people) and devote more time to CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association) and my music. After seeing Blues take off again we feel the timing is right for us to step out of the way. I hope that ive been able to help a little and contribute to the advancement of SQ even if it is just a little bit! Now dont get me wrong, We still expect to hear from our friends whenever they want to call. You all have our numbers and most know where we live so please call or come by as much as you like! We will even talk car audio if you like. Just wont be building any. And yes this means we will NOT be attending MECA World Finals. Also just so the air is clear. WE ARE NOT MAD AT ANYONE! Dont want any he said she said stuff going around. This is a decision Lea Ann and I have thought long and hard over and decided the time is now to announce it. Thanks for listening and giving us the chance to help you with your car audio. Also thanks for humoring us and letting me tell everyone on CA-F!
  3. Blues Subwoofers

    It looks like you are putting 5.25s in the dash locations ... that would be interesting ... Is this the idea for your ride ?? You shouldnt Reg. With the 5 1/4's in the factory locations you can take the upper end out of the eights and put more bottom in the fives. They will play plenty low. as for the eights in the rear you should have no problem there.
  4. Congrats to you! You know what Ive always said, If you score in the top five at any finals event, your a world champ in my book!
  5. Blues Subwoofers

    Although sub bass is non directional spl is not. The biggest problem with using large diameter subs is the shere mass of the cone area tends to draw the ear towards the sub. That is one of the issues weve been fighting with Lea Ann's vehicle with the 8" in the doors. The 8's play full range and because of the size of the speaker the movement of the driver actually draws your ear to the speaker. Infinite baffle setups do help with this problem but dont cure it (unless you can put the 15 in the dash!).
  6. Please Welcome Linear Power to CA-F

    And whats really cool about the Fan Shrouds is they matched the colors of the gumballs in the paint PERFECTLY! The exact same paint was used to paint the gumballs as was on the fan shrouds. That truck had all kinds of crazy stuff done to it.
  7. Please Welcome Linear Power to CA-F

    Not only do I have physical scars, but my Ear nose and Throat doc lets me remember about the scars on my hearing too! The mental scars are pretty incredible too! I have reaccuring nightmares about Gumballs and Strokers quite often! Bad enough scars that, as everyone on the team knows, my wife has threatened divorce if we tried to rebuild it. She danced a jig when the frame and what was left of the body went to the scrap yard a few weeks ago!
  8. New bed delivery car

    "Come and listen to my story 'bout a man named Jed........" ! Bet they wuz headed for a swim in that thar cement pond! Proof positive rednecks are everywhere!
  9. Wow what a summer! First off I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has asked/stopped by to check on us! Been pretty crazy. Ive lost two uncles (One in a tragic car accident in Washington state and one too a quick battle with liver cancer), sent a brother off too Kuwait (doing final training now, will be gone for one year with the 113 Military Police out of Brandon MS) and certainly not the least my wonderfull wife trying to walk again after a really bad break and surgery (goes back to work on the 19th.) Again thanks for your prayers. We will be at USACi World Finals in LA in a couple of weeks. Hope to see everyone there!
  10. You should know better than that! She never stopped!
  11. Just wanted to give everyone a quick LeaAnn update. The good news is that they dont think she will have to have reconstructive surgery on her ACL. Bad news is she will be on crutches or in a wheelchair for at least 3 months and off work for 4 to 6 months. Thanx to everyone who has called or come by or sent a note. We are looking to be at Chillaxn' in Jackson and both world finals (USACi and MECA).
  12. Just a quick update: had a ruff nite but it got better. After an allergic reaction to an antibiotic LeaAnn got new meds and got over the reaction. This morning the dr came in and she got to walk to the door and back. May get out of here tomorrow. Good luck to everyone going to Lebanon today. Be safe and bring home hardware!
  13. Is there any ETA on the new gen amps

    Long term testing is another thing Linear has been known for. For instance, the final prototype of the 5002 was complete in 1982 and wasn't produced until 1985. Also this series of amp has alot of new technology that needs to be tested and changed to make sure the product that ends up in your car is the best it can be. Since the 5 amps were put online in January they've made numerous changes to different parts to improve the amplifier. But like Ray said, the economy has a HUGE effect on how quickly these amps make it to production. Unfortunatly when the economy is slow so are people to spend money on car stereo. Just a fact of life. The good thing is that the prototype is there and it works! That's one step closer to them being in our cars!
  14. We are in a room now. Waiting on dr to see how it went.
  15. LeaAnn will be in surgery tomorrow at 9 am at River Oaks in Flowood. They will be putting in two plates and some pins to reattach a bone in the back of her knee joint and the bone that her ACL is attached to. She will be down for about a month. Please keep her in your prayers for a speedy recovery!