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  1. Calling Anyone With Knowledge On Lp

    I also want to take a moment and extend a thank you too Cableguy 184, yes I have seen him a handful of times outside the forums at my place of employment so I know him and a few others on here but based upon the direction that other thread was taking I was going to stay with what I know. However after the phone conversation (Customer Service) I'm sold on giving LP a shot, and I do feel that I will have the sound and quality I'm wanting.
  2. Calling Anyone With Knowledge On Lp

    Incorrect, you did not read the post, I had never said 'including head unit' the ~350 was for either the Booster OR an AMP. Installed PERIOD no other components were stated or implied in that estimate of cost. I was asked by Cable if I was going to use the existing speakers. Now that question was a Prudent one because of how a speaker will handle certain stuff and things that I do not want to get into the weeds on.. AND I had mentioned what those speakers were (H/K's). SO that gave Cableguy all the facts he needed, 1. I'm not sacking the trunk for 'bass' boxes 2. This is the head unit I'm using 3. The speakers. Then we had follow up on type of music (80's wave/rock). those four things were able for Cableguy to call me and get me lined out. I personally ignored response to anyone in that thread as it was just silly and broke down into 'QQ' on roids. WHY did I come to ask that question on this forum was as one can infer, I was/am a fan/user of another brand, but had heard/seen something that was akin to a home theater system and was wanting to make informed changes.
  3. Alpine V.s. Lp Products (E-46 Upgardes)

    Yep yep Randal, that's Me, one in the same I know you are having issue atm with the truck and heading to the meet this week, I pick up the car later today from the shop.. NEW PAINT!... And will give it a go with the purps on the inside and the fog lights today once I get her back, Underbody is going to have to wait. the angel eyes are beyond Me as I need a few more parts.. From Hyper...and possible some skills on that. BUT back to point on hand.. I can only write a post in what is a ramble paragraph, as My enter key on here does jack. NOW onto my question on the amps that has boiled into a pissing contest. You now recall my style of music and 'playability' of it all, and My love of say Bose/Infinity for home application (Infinity in the Audi's in the 90's were a good package as well) I want the same thing in My car. I'm not going to yield trunk space for a speaker box. I m thinking of the amp on the upper back wall or the rear deck underside. My opening post listed a amp and a head unit booster that would yield clarity and volume, Akin to what I recall in your truck with a price range of say ~350 Installed. I recall the amps that you had were defiantly 'Bigger' than what I need 2 feet long 1000 watts (what ever) Question is where am I looking at price wise if I go with LP?
  4. Alpine V.s. Lp Products (E-46 Upgardes)

    Thank you for that thought out post.... As for Cableguy, No, I would not mistake size to output power. I'm wanting VOLUME and CLARITY of music, Now it has been a while but back when you were working on your front speakers, you did not have the 'woofers' in the back seat engaged, and just going off the for lack of better term the 3 ways you had was impressive, for the v/c of the over all mix, I'm as you might recall more into the 80's music wave/punk/rock, and classical so do not need the 'deep base'... Yes the harmen/kardens are stock, and If I recall correctly I have 8 various ones, floor, dash, A pillar, back deck. Of those the back deck would be easier to get to. We can get into the weeds on all the fine points when I get her back from paint shop (wen) And from last exploration I think they were the carbon/paper type, again we can get into the weeds on that later if need be. As for having Admin have a peep at the account sure please, Or if I can get Charles back over here I will have him have a look see at this and he can un-noob me. As always thanks buddy, appreciate the helps dinner is on Me.
  5. I have currently a Alp head unit, silver/blue been in love with Alp's for ever, wish they still had black green. (reminiscence value) The question I'm having is how does LP compare to say the KTP-445A Alpine Head Unit Power Pack or even say a MRV-F300 4/3/2 Channel V-Power Digital Amplifier ? Both of those can be had under the ~250 range, I have in past cars used the Alps (older models not the above two choices). As well as if I were to go to LP I have not seen a link of products available and pricing w/install. I have heard the amps but they were far larger than My needs, I'm not wanting to sack the trunk for radio gear, I use the space. I would plan on using existing harmen/karden speakers they sound good, and still work. Thank you (Also how the hell come my enter key is not working allowing me to make separate paragraphs on the forum)