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  1. Thank you guys. We actually took down the whole system 3 weeks ago. A totally new system is in the works for the future. Right now, I have everything stock on it except for some custom-made 2-way Davis Acoustics speakers. I plan on using 2 LP2150s / 1 LP2250 for the amplifier sets, but undecided on the other components just yet. But stay tuned!!
  2. Thank you all for your nice comments. I will try to post up some more Linear Power goodies in the weeks to come.
  3. New Head Unit

    Stock headunit w/ audison bit one.
  4. This is our Linear Power & Morel Supremo - Benz CLK55 AMG This car also has some nice car audio gear. The List: Morel Supremo 602 2-way Component SET Morel Ultimo SC 10" SUB Linear Power LP2250 Linear Power LP150 Linear Power Q50 Alpine F#1 Headunit, Processor, & Monitor Interconnects & Speaker Cables by: TARA LABS Battery by: Optima Yellowtop Obviously, we do take car audio very seriously. And we've always felt that Linear Power makes some excellent amplifier systems. We felt that it was fitting to compliment some of the best amplifier systems in the world with other great car audio components. This car was also featured in the Car Audio Magazine - South Korea And also featured by: Morel on Facebook & Blog sites and picked as one of their best of 2013.
  5. This is our Linear Power & Dynaudio [bMW 3 Series] Setup: It consists a lot of crazy car audio goodies: Dynaudio Esotar 2-way Component SET Dynaudio Esotar 12" Sub - custom installation Linear Power LP2150 Linear Power 4753IQ - custom installed in the boot Sony XES - Z50 Headunit, Processor, & Changer - custom installed flush on the passenger side dash. Interconnect & Speaker cables by: TARA LABS Capacitors by: Street Wires Battery by: Optima Yellow top This car was featured in the Car Audio magazine - South Korea
  6. Linear Power In The Lambo!

    Sweeeet car and sweet system!