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  1. merry christmas and happy new year !!!!
  2. nice !!! cant wait to see the truck and just actually see you !!! its been way to long man !!!
  3. i have a single iso-8 in my car tuned to 24hz i have absolutely no problem with lower end extension and have suprised TONS of people when i tell them what it actually is.
  4. VERY well said !!!
  5. always remember you shouldnt argue with an idiot ... he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience
  6. this thread is full of fail ... trolls will be trolls ...
  7. i know the feeling haha dont you wish it only took 6 hours to install a system !!
  8. got an update ... moved the tweeters around and have them now placed perfectly !!!! sounds ALOT better where they are now!!!
  9. i gotcha... i also after thinking more think you can run them at 2ohms in the 4ohm taps but the protection circuit will kick in when it sees to much current draw so you probably wont see a HUGE increase before the amp goes protect.
  10. im not best to answer this but i believe the amp has a 2ohm 4ohm bridge switch you can change in the amplifier but will not change the power output tho. on these amps i would not want to run 2ohm in 4ohm mode due to loss in efficiency. plus i think it will void warranty.
  11. that would be cool !! my trunk is terrible at cooling lol no air movement at all ! when you be back in vicksburg ? been over a week WTF !!
  12. i knew it would be a good idea :=)
  13. thank you!
  14. thats retarded price! OH EM GEE !!!
  15. good job!!! he is catching up to my 74 !! i need to step up my game or ill get passed :-D