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  13. McIntosh Labs is proud to announce their MC1.25KW Quad Balanced Power Amplifier. ($12,500) as the company's newest, and one of their most advanced, amplifiers for audio. Redesigned from top to bottom, it replaces the venerable MC1.2KW as McIntosh's most powerful single chassis monoblock amplifier. A simple glance at the 158 pound MC1.25KW may be enough to convey its power and performance capabilities. McIntosh's new MC1.25KW outputs 1200 Watts of power into a single channel with a nearly imperceptible total harmonic distortion of 0.005%. Full power output is maintained through 2, 4 or 8 Ohm speakers via McIntosh Labs' Autoformer technology. Updates and enhancements abound in the MC1.25KW include a 50% increase in filter capacity, which is said to improve the performance of low end frequencies as well as increasing dynamic headroom. Read More View the full article
  14. Then, just when I thought I was going to finish the show quickly, I hit HiFi Room E sponsored by Entracte Audio, a Toronto retailer specializing in two-channel audio. This was the room where Gilbert Yeung held court with his Blue Circle solid state gear. I'll start with the small rig on the right side wall as you entered, because that's what was playing the first time I visited this room. Simple, straight-forward and eminently musical. Speakers were the Spendor SP3/1R ($3695, all prices Cdn here), stand mounted and finished in an elegant wood veneer. They were powered by the new Blue Circle 002i Integrated amp that puts out 80 wpc into 8 Ohms, 110 Wpc into 4 Ohms, that starts at $6000 but climbs to $9995, as shown, with optional external power supply with additional micro-farads that brings the total up to a whopping 954,000! Read More View the full article
  15. The new Posh floorstanding loudspeaker ($129,000 per pair) from Gershman Acoustics has been designed to provide the very best sound and build quality. Using 1" thick HDF wood to build a massive enclosure, special designer styling cues bring a lovely rounding and tapering the back of the enclosure. In addition to that massive build, specially engineered 0.25" stainless steel panels further strengthen and deaden the enclosure from unwanted resonances. Gershman Acoustics' Posh crossover is constructed with point-to-point silver soldering and features top-of-the-line Mundorf MCapR Supreme Classic Silver-Gold/Oil signal capacitors. Read More View the full article
  16. Hi-Fi World's December issue features reviews of the Spendor D9 loudspeakers, Rock Hi-Fi stands, Chord Hugo 2, Cowon Plenue 2 portable digital audio player, Leema Quasar amplifier, Exposure XM5 integrated amplifier, Teac X-2000m Open Reel, Audio Technica AT700 Series MM cartridges, plus coverage of the Indulgence Show 2017. Read More View the full article
  17. I've owned many electrostatic loudspeakers in my life, and I still marvel at just how transparent (pun intended), clear, and revealing they can be. Getting them to produce room pressurizing bass and big dynamic swings as well has been the difficulty with many hybrid designs. Roger Sanders seems to have conquered these problems better than most. The Sanders 10e speaker system, ($17,000/pr), includes a Sanders Magtech Stereo amplifier, ($5,500), and a Sanders Loudspeaker Management System. Read More View the full article
  18. Gryphon Audio Designs of Denmark have earned universal praise for innovation in both electronics and loudspeakers and for their range of accessories, audio peripherals that go the extra mile in the refinement of any high-performance system. Early on, Gryphon dismissed the notion of vibration control via absorption/dispersion using soft materials to convert resonances to heat. Pads, springs, viscous damping, rubbery feet etc., typically provide a largely random mix of coupling and decoupling of the audio component to the underlying surface. Read More View the full article
  19. On the analog front end in the Wynn Audio room was the Thales TTT Compact Mk 2 ($19,000) with the special gold plated Statement tonearm ($30,000) and I once again noticed the rare Lyra Olympos cartridge that is a combination of classic old parts from donor cartridges and new modern parts. It may be available, but only if you have a donor cartridge. Other components of note here were the new Critical Mass Olympus racks ($13,000 each) and the Entreq Olympus Tellus Ground Box ($12,000). Read More View the full article
  20. Hiding away in the "back" room, a very simple system was setup, deceptively simple. A pair of Endeavor E-3 Mk II speakers, ($8,000/pr) were in use, just like the pair at my house. GTT supplied a pair of Audionet separates, the Plank Redbook CD player, ($18,800), and the WATT Integrated Amplifier, ($18,800). Once again MasterBuilt Audio cabling was employed and some ASC Tube Traps provided room conditioning. Although the E-3 Mk IIs looked like mine, the system was performing on an elevated plane compared to my home system. Aside from the room, only the electronics and cables were different, and they were making a noticeable improvement from what I'm used to hearing. Read More View the full article
  21. Hi-Fi+ Magazine's November 2017 issue features your views on all things audio plus Indulgence Show 2017 London report. High-end audio equipment reviews include Naim Audio Uniti Core / Nova, Chord Electronics Hugo2, Kalista Dreamplay / DAC, VPI Industries Scout turntable and arm, Vitus Audio SS-103 stereo power amplifier, Gold Note PH-10 Phono stage, Devialet Expert 1000 Pro / Roon, Gutwire Perfect / Ultimate Ground, Ultrasone Naos portable headphone amp / DAC, and Ecosse Master Reference DCT interconnect cables. Read More View the full article
  22. EnjoyTheMusic.com's November Review Magazine is packed with three, or perhaps we'll call it four, show reports plus five high-end audio gear reviews! We naturally have Dave Hanson's excellent CanJam @ RMAF report wrapped up, yet there's quite a bit of hi-fi gear from RMAF 2017 now online; with more coming your way from Kemper Holt! We've also started posting Rick Becker's extensive TAVES coverage, which right now features 50 photos spanning 4 web pages. This coming weekend's Capital Audiofest is so successful that all exhibition rooms are sold out! Our coverage will be coming online soon afterwards of course. As for gear reviews, we have the all-singing and all-dancing AirPulse Model-1 active speaker by Phil Jones. Powered speaker with... everything! Gold Note's DS-1000 Streamer DAC with USB, S/PDIF and optical inputs is the company's latest edition to their high-end family. Grado Labs audiophile-grade PS-2000e 'phones bring bliss to Editor Tom Lyle's ears. NAD's C 388 digital hybrid streaming integrated amplifier ensures the latest tech with MDC cards. Tweakers take note as HiFi-Tuning's Supreme Harmonizer may bring a gloriously different aspect to your audio system. See what's within this month's edition of EnjoyTheMusic.com's Review Magazine at this link. View the full article
  23. As I mentioned to Suave Kajko, director of the show, seen here with one of the artists late on Saturday, I found the show to be much more social. People were talking with vendors and manufacturer's reps... and talking with each other, both inside the cube rooms and in the open spaces around the open tables. Quiet listening environments were mostly found in the conference room and only a few of the cubicles. "But isn't that a bad thing?" you ask. Not really. One of my most memorable moments in this hobby was talking with John Hellig of Musial Design at CES in Chicago back in the early ‘90s when I was just getting started. Like then, TAVES was an opportunity to talk directly with some of the creators of the products you might chose to own. Having a conversation can lead to greater understanding of the product which can in turn lead to greater satisfaction in ownership...or sometimes a wise decision to not make a purchase. Read More View the full article
  24. Capital Audiofest (CAF) 2017, also featuring CanMania, is the premier East coast audio show that you can count on to deliver great sound, enjoy thousands of dollars of high-end audio gear, and audiophile music all within a truly fun experience. CAF 2017 is scheduled for November 3rd through 5th at the Hilton Hotel at Twinbrook Metro. They are expanding the show this year to build the premier East Coast Show within the same great venue as last year. Read More View the full article
  25. Furnace MFG's record pressing has just announced their new 50,000 Square-foot plant in Northern Virginia will open in January of 2018. The new plant will fill a desperate industry need for more vinyl record production capacity while creating 40-plus new jobs in Northern Virginia, all while the company seeks to minimize the environmental impact of the new manufacturing facility. You love vinyl. Furnace Record Pressing loves vinyl. At their facility, vinyl record pressing is a passion. They handle every step of your pressing project from getting your records pressed and packaged to added touches like color or heavyweight vinyl, digital download cards and hosting. Read More View the full article
  26. Sporting a Captain's hat, Bob Carver was at his room entertaining everyone and displaying a mostly Carver ensemble. The Amazing Line Source speakers, ($18,500/pr) including a SubRosa subwoofer, grab your immediate attention running floor to ceiling but they are so skinny that you quickly almost forget about them as they disappear ( both aurally and visually) in a few minutes. A pair of Carver Model 350 tube monoblocks, ($9,500/pr) drove the speakers most of the time, but I did stop by when the new smaller stereo amp was employed. Called the Crimson 75, ($2,500), the new amp is 75 Watts/ch and drove the Amazings to surprising levels. The crew used a Mytek Brooklyn II DAC ($1,995) and a laptop using Roon to stream music. Read More View the full article
  27. Available on four physical formats; 1CD, 2CD, 3CD limited edition box set and 2LP gatefold vinyl, plus digital formats, Elton John's upcoming release Diamonds is now available for pre-order. The 2CD format contains 34 tracks, and 10 page illustrated booklet. Elton John's 3CD limited edition box set contains 34 tracks over two discs, plus 17 bonus tracks of personal favorites curated by Elton himself. Also contains 72 page hardback book containing annotations for the stories from each song plus a set of 5 postcard illustrations of Elton. Vinyl LP enthusiasts can enjoy the 2LP gatefold containing 21 tracks, and pressed on 180 gram vinyl plus glorious gatefold artwork. Read More View the full article
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