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  2. CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Glad the newsletter got zero posts.
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  4. There's no surefire way, a handful of precautions help keep your hardware under your control. View the full article
  5. CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Sending out mini news letter now.
  6. Luckily you won't find it in English. View the full article
  7. McIntosh Labs is proud to announce the MCT500 SACD/CD Transport ($4500) digital only unit, which features four digital outputs: industry standard balanced, coax and optical outputs plus our exclusive MCT connector. To enjoy CDs, it can be paired with any product that has standard digital inputs and a digital-to-analog converter (DAC). Read More View the full article
  8. Enjoy the Music.com and Enjoy the Music.TV presents to you our tour of the Quality Record Pressings (Acoustic Sounds) vinyl LP pressing plant. We join plant manager Gary and owner Chad Kassem as they take us on a step-by-step journey through how a vinyl LP record is produced. Learn More And See Our Video Here. View the full article
  9. Hi-Fi+ magazine, a leading international high-end audio publication, today announced a major reorganization of its senior staff. Effective immediately, Pete Collingwood-Trewin, formerly Associate Publisher of Hi-Fi+, has been promoted to the role of Publisher of the magazine. Read More View the full article
  10. Music Resource Group (MRG) today announced the Nominees in The 16th annual Independent Music Awards (The IMAs), the influential honors for independent artists and releases. More than 400 innovative self-released and indie label projects culled from thousands of submissions worldwide, were nominated by fans and industry panelists in 96 Album, Song, EP, Music Producer, Music Video and Design categories. Read More View the full article
  11. If you could run head first into a wall and keep on going, you'd do it too. View the full article
  12. CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Might be time to streamline the forums a little and get some traffic back.
  13. Don't wait until you drop your phone in the toilet and your hard drive crashes on the same day. View the full article
  14. Everyone here @ EnjoyTheMusic.com would like to take a moment to celebrate Valentine's Day. We wish you and yours a romantic, and fun, lovely day. As always, in the end what really matters is that you... enjoy the music! Read More View the full article
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  16. And why a lot of it is centered in Memphis and Louisville. View the full article
  17. How an army of weirdly assorted monster machines work together to bring up riches from the seabed. View the full article
  18. It's not even that hard. View the full article
  19. The HomePod is a great poster child for Apple Music — the tech giant's own streaming service. With Siri on board, it'll also help you with a host of tasks. View the full article
  20. From wear and tear, or Nicholas Cage. View the full article
  21. Founded in June 2010 by longtime audio design experts Jason Stoddard and Mike Moffat, Schiit Audio is responding to customer needs by making available their new LISST "solid state tube" design in octal form to fit their Saga and Freya preamplifiers. In addition, Schiit has added the option to choose current production Tung-Sol 6SN7 tubes instead of NOS 6N8S. In addition, Schiit added a new tube option for Saga and Freya — new production Tung-Sol brand 6SN7s. Read More View the full article
  22. Go big or go home. View the full article
  23. Keep your work and your personal life separate. View the full article
  24. HIFIMan's will debut their Sundara ($499), an over-ear planar headphone that features a new proprietary diaphragm that is 80% thinner than previous planar models. Thanks to the new design, HIFIMan's Sundara boasts a faster response time, wider frequency response, and a more detailed sonic signature. Read More View the full article
  25. Bitcoin probably uses more energy than the entire country of Slovenia. View the full article
  26. From 'LOVE BOT' to 'FANG.' View the full article
  27. It's strange, but a blast. View the full article
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