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  12. AXPONA 2018 is set for April 13th through 15th at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center and will be our eighth annual coverage by Enjoy the Music.com. All audiophiles, music lovers, vinyl collectors, audio engineers and musicians can attend three jam-packed days of incredible sounds, technology, presentations, design, and the very latest products in the industry. Now in its ninth year, AXPONA is one of the defining high-end audio show within the United States. This event caters to dealers, distributors and manufacturers, as well as music lovers and audiophiles. AXPONA's new state-of-the-art venue will feature an expanded Exhibit Hall plus a new Record Shop and Master Class Theater. Read More View the full article
  13. After listening to Benchmark Media's DAC3 HGC for a while, I asked their sales manager Rory Rall about the lack of an outboard power supply, and how they achieve this model's high performance with such a small internal one. His answer made perfect sense: that "good engineering practices" allow for such a compact power supply to be so effective. Despite its small size – it measures only about 9.5" wide and deep, and is only about 1.75" high – the DAC3 (I'll usually call the Benchmark Media DAC3 HGC the DAC3 from now on) is packed with features. First of all, this DAC doubles as a preamplifier, a real preamplifier. Read More View the full article
  14. EnjoyTheMusic.com has posted the April issue of The Absolute Sound. Features include Las Vegas 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, a special loudspeaker designer roundtable plus reviews of the Wharfedale Diamond 225, Monitor Audio Silver 300, Totem Acoustic Signature One, JWM Acoustics Alyson AML II, and Magico M3 loudspeakers. Other reviews include the AVM CS 8.2 and CS 2.2 system plus many music reviews. Within his editorial titled New Blood, Editor Robert Harley writes, "These and the many other differences of opinion and sensibility among our writers are the lifeblood of the magazine. Can you imagine a TAS in which the writers hewed to a Soviet-style party line on every technology or viewpoint? It would be a pretty boring read, not to mention narrow-minded and insular. As an editor, I find this colorful diversity broadens the magazine's appeal. As a reader, the wide spectrum of thought challenges me and makes me reevaluate my preconceptions and biases." Read More View the full article
  15. Waves Audio, a leading provider of audio processing solutions, has announced that its Waves Nx technology has been implemented to power Audeze Mobius headphones, which are now available on Indiegogo and has already reached over 900% of their goal with a month remaining! Audeze is claiming that they are "the first 3D audio headphone to provide an unsurpassed level of detail, clarity and 3D positional accuracy". Read More View the full article
  16. There is much controversy about how we might move forward towards higher quality reproduction of sound. The compact-disc standard assumes that there is no useful information beyond 20kHz and therefore includes a brick-wall filter just above 20kHz. Many listeners hear a great difference when 20kHz band-limited audio signals are compared with wide band signals. A number of digital systems have been proposed which sample audio signals at 96kHz and above, and with up to 24 bits of quantization. Read More View the full article
  17. While the PC versus Mac versus Linux rivalry might last forever, yet the folks at Nahimic say they "know there's at least one thing all users can agree on: wanting the best audio experience. A-Volute, a French audio software company, is delivering their 3D audio solution to the mainstream market for an unique surround sound listening experience. The company says, "To create Nahimic LifeSound, sound depth and spatiality are combined from Nahimic's eponymously-named flagship product to produce virtually treated sound designed to generate a virtual acoustic field with 5.1 channel audio quality, even with headphones." Read More View the full article
  18. The world's leading audio exhibition has attracted huge interest among exhibitors. Interest in the HIGH END 2018 show is still as strong as ever. According to the exhibition promoter, "The hi-fi show is well ahead of the rest as the most important showcase event for the entire industry worldwide and has been a fixed date in the diaries of audio connoisseurs for many years. In fact, the event is so popular that its atrium rooms were immediately fully booked after the registration deadline at the beginning of January 2018. Shortly after the deadline, the areas and stands in the halls were also all reserved and the waiting lists for an exhibition area are now very long." Read More View the full article
  19. In this world of me too products, my first exposure to 47 Laboratory products was at a show over a year back. Eventually a review sample came my way followed by my full review of their Gaincard amplifier here on the Enjoy the Music.com Review Magazine in our September 1999 edition. Since then the Gaincard has been receiving much cyberspace ink with many music lovers true musical bliss. Below is a review of virtually their complete system including their rare phono cartridge which few examples are available. Is this system a diamond in the rough or are the folks at 47 Laboratory a one hit wonder? Read More View the full article
  20. ATC Loudspeaker Technology from England is extremely proud to announce the arrival of the CDA 2 Mk2 CD/DAC Preamp ($4299). Representing a re-engineering of ATC's predecessor in all the key performance areas and developed as the ideal partner for the company's P2 power amplifier and active speaker designs, the Mk2 combines convenient USB access to Hi-Res Music streaming with an upgraded CD transport and DAC board. There's also dedicated headphone amplification, expanded input choices, and analog circuits redesigned to deliver an extremely wide and flat frequency response with very low distortion. Read More View the full article
  21. The KirmussAudio division of Kirmuss & Associates is pleased to announce the arrival of its very affordable Ultimate Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Restoration System ($795). Set to premiere at AXPONA 2018, this professional design allows one to clean two 33.3, one 78 and one 45 vinyl record in five minutes using no chemicals, the latter of which claims the company that it can cause further damage (at times) to very valuable record collections. According to the company's press release, "Most systems only clean one size of record and do not clean all grooves. Read More View the full article
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