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  2. The cereal box toy whistle inspired the development of a device that would seriously inspire Apple founders. View the full article
  3. The subcutaneous devices are designed to monitor cattle and provide data...but their inventor really wants them to be used in humans. View the full article
  4. Because of a change in federal energy regulations, some scientists say your trusty, older plug-in clock may be losing or gaining a few ticks over time. View the full article
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  6. The "Adaptive Controller" helps folks who can't use a traditional controller find a setup that works for them. View the full article
  7. The battle for the free and open internet is far from over, and now moves to the House. View the full article
  8. These robots can only do one thing: move forward. That doesn't stop them from achieving much more together. View the full article
  9. One big flap for robotic animals everywhere. View the full article
  10. Sometimes efficiency can bring on surprising new problems. View the full article
  11. Carrier made air conditioners and other equipment at a plant in Indianapolis for 60 years. When they announced it was moving to Mexico, the president stepped in. A year later, this is what remains. View the full article
  12. It might be perfect for studying cancers close up. View the full article
  13. While touring World Of McIntosh I felt like a kid in a candy store – as World Of McIntosh is filled with functioning displays of gear by McIntosh Laboratory, PRYMA, Sonus faber, Audio Research, Sumiko and Wadia, which is spread throughout this luxury townhouse. Read More View the full article
  14. For more than 90 years, Shure has been committed to manufacturing and delivering products of the highest quality, reliability, and value. This commitment requires consistency in materials, processes, and testing, as well the capacity to react to fluctuations in demand. In recent years, the ability to maintain our exacting standards in the Phonograph Cartridge product category has been challenged, resulting in cost and delivery impacts that are inconsistent with the Shure brand promise. Read More View the full article
  15. Undoubtedly you have received the information that the LAAS show has cancelled. It's unfortunate that the industry had to go through such a Tumultuous time. The LAAS folks have been gracious to encourage people to come back home. You will see the posted prices on line for the rooms, and they will NOT be increased. But it will be on a first-come first-serve basis!. We cannot guarantee a sleeping room next to your exhibit THIS YEAR. Those that have already booked there rooms are guaranteed there sleeping room next to it. To ensure that we get you booked you will need to place your request ASAP by going to our website and selecting your exhibit room, and then you should book your sleeping room with our code. Read More View the full article
  16. UPDATE I: As of 5/3 at 12PM local time there are conversations in progress about the possibility of it being saved by the LA/OC Audio Society. Update II: As of 5/3 at 2PM local time on The Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society Facebook page it says, "Bulletin for Members and Friends Regarding LAAS. There are NO negotiations between the Society and LA Audio Show in progress or contemplated to save 2018. The post saying this on the LA Audio Show website is false. We recommend you submit for any refund you may be owed by them ASAP. The Society" It is with sadness and regrets that I announce the cancellation of the 2018 LA Audio Show — Orange County. Refunds will start to be issued immediately to those exhibitors who have already paid deposits and/or full remittances for space and other services. These refunds will be in the form of checks and will arrive by USPS Mail to the address provided on contracts. Attendee tickets will be refunded through the system they were purchased. Read More View the full article
  17. Markaudio-SOTA's Cesti MBs are fabulous speakers which provide at least as much musical enjoyment as much more expensive speakers. In my dedicated listening room I can use what is for most folks domestically unacceptable equipment. Such massive speakers can provide a greater scale, ultimate volume levels and bass extension than the Cesti MBs but as to which is more musically rewarding as opposed to impressive is another question. Musically the Cesti MBs have it nailed and they are domestically desirable as well. Read More View the full article
  18. As you might expect from a high end single crystal set of speaker cables with the level of fit and finish as the Skogrand Beethoven's these cables are nearly perfect for a set of copper cables. The only real place where they are lacking is in the highest octaves, they don't quite let the top end of the acoustic spectrum breathe the way a set of high end silver cables would .I do overall like the sound signature of the cables, but for better overall system synergy in my system I might replace a critical path like the RCAs with a set of silver cables to let the high end breathe just a little more. Read More View the full article
  19. Hi-Fi World's June 2018 issue features your chance to win a Quad Vena amplifier worth £599! Equipment reviews include Focal Kanta No2 Loudspeakers, Audio physic classic 5 loudspeakers, Rotel RA-1572 Amplifier / RCD-1572 CD Player, Audio Technica ATH-ADX5000 Headphones, Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset, Hi-Diamond 7 Cables, FiiO l28 Coaxial Cable FiiO RC / MMCX, Sony D22 Discman, Cambridge Audio Duo Phonostage, and an audiophile book review Passion for Vinyl II. Read More View the full article
  20. EnjoyTheMusic.com's May Review Magazine features CanJam SoCal and multiple AXPONA show reports that span nearly 40 web pages! Each month in 2018 we're featuring Manufacturer Articles, and so this month we have a tour of McIntosh Labs' amazing NYC showroom plus educational articles by Bob's Devices and Cary Audio. High-end audio gear reviews on offer this month include Skogrand Beethoven system cables, Audio Physic Tempo Plus loudspeakers, Sennheiser HD 660 S over-ear headphones, and SVS SB-2000 powered subwoofer. Our reviewer Dwayne Carter writes about audio throughout your abode within his article Wholehouse High-Resolution Audio. From our partner magazine NOVO we have a review of the Acoustic Solid Xtended-MPX turntable with WTB-370 tonearm. Read More View the full article
  21. Dynaco, a division of Radial Engineering Ltd., is pleased to announce their much-anticipated ST-70 Series 3 stereo vacuum tube unit ($2999.99) is now shipping. This latest version of Dynaco's ST-70 builds upon the proven design philosophies of the original David Hafler-designed Stereo 70, with contemporary design techniques resulting in exceptional performance improvements that meet the requirements of modern audiophiles. The ST-70 provides 35 Watts per channel and is switchable between both 4 and 8 Ohm outputs, with Class-A push-pull stereo topography that has long been characterized as a reliable design with exceptional audio quality. Read More View the full article
  22. There was the new venue. The original revival of this show, in March 2013, had been held in the O'Hare Doubletree By Hilton in Rosemont, and marked the first time in 14 years that the Windy City had played host to a high-end audio show. That last previous show, Hi-Fi '99, had been held at the Palmer House downtown, and yes, I was there to cover it. While the Doubletree was a nice place, and easily accessible from O'Hare, it really had kind of a smallish feel to it... what can I say? By the following year, AXPONA had reorganized and moved to the Westin O'Hare, not even a mile further north on N. River Road from the Doubletree. Nice digs, nice people, and this resuscitated show remained there as it grew and blossomed over four years, through 2017. Read More View the full article
  23. Or make you feel snakes crawling over your back...all through the use of airbags. View the full article
  24. A MIT-designed device can prolong and capture memories during a semi-lucid dream state that has inspired geniuses throughout history. View the full article
  25. This robot arm could take over exacting skull surgeries in the future. View the full article
  26. The audiophile hobby will always have a healthy contingent of purists – those who eschew things like DSP (digital signal processing) and EQ for a pure, unmolested signal. But as the industry continues to evolve, the technological possibilities keep getting more compelling. Once a dirty word to audiophiles, Bluetooth has made major strides in recent times with aptX and LDAC, which allow for lossless and high-res wireless transmission. 3D DSP technologies like the Smyth Realizer A16 and now the new Audeze Mobius do an incredible job of fooling our ears, arguably bringing us closer to the original recording with speaker-like sound in our headphones. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Read More View the full article
  27. A single steel bar gives concrete crucial new ways to cope with stress. View the full article
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