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  2. Before I get into this issue, please allow me to mention that this issue marks Enjoy the Music.com's Review Magazine 19th year online, and 23rd for the site in general. Am truly overcome with gratitude for the wonderful outpouring of efforts from the high-end audio and music industry! Naturally thanks also go out to our reviewers, partner magazines, and far too many others to try and thank on a personal level within this editorial. First up is Max Westler, a talented music writer who penned a very heart-warming article about our good friend Wayne Donnelly who passed away. Wayne was Enjoy the Music.com's longtime music and equipment editor for many years. His contribution to the industry, and infectious love of music, will be missed. Am truly humbled that many industry experts and critics have brought our worldwide readers a variety of educational articles within this edition of our Review Magazine. We first have Bobby Owsinski's wisdom as he shares his thoughts on How To Listen Through A Song. Next up is Frederick J. Ampel of Technology Visions Analytics with his article The Art Of Listening and the emotional power of sound. A very special partner magazine article by Douglas Brown of NOVO HIGH END brings us Sonic Qualities That Audiophiles & Audio Critics Look For In High-End Audio Two-Channel / Stereo Systems. We also bring back an old fave Are You On The Road To... Audio Hell by Leonard Norwitz and Peter Qvortrup. Lastly, our very own Roger Skoff aptly titled article The Music Goes 'Round And 'Round... And It Comes Out Here" talks about the ever-changing music formats. Read More View the full article
  3. EnjoyTheMusic.com's August Review Magazine features three world premiere gear reviews, an abundance of think pieces about how to, or what to listen to, and of course more reviews. Before we get into this issue, please allow us to mention that this issue marks the Review Magazine's 19th year online, and 23rd for the site in general. We're all truly overcome with gratitude for the wonderful outpouring of efforts from the high-end audio and music industry! World premiere reviews in this issue includes our assessment of the much-anticipated Dynaco ST-70 Series 3 stereo vacuum tube amplifier. This 60+ year design once again fulfills David Hafler's promise. We also have a world premiere of VPI Industries' Voyager MM / MC phono stage amplifier and Grail's T5 loudspeakers. To keep this post short, other reviews include EMM Labs' DA2 DAC, ATC CDA2 Mk II CD player, external DAC, headphone amplifier and preamplifier all-in-one, HeadAmp's Gilmore Lite Mk2 Class A headphone amplifier, and we revisit VPI with a review of their Prime Scout turntable thanks to partner magazine Headphone.Guru. See EnjoyTheMusic.com's August Review Magazine at this link. View the full article
  4. Japanese high-end audio company Furutech now offers their ASB-1 is a static eliminating brush created for audio and video applications. Featuring 'COREBRID B' composite core fibers, a unique highly conductive material developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, this new brush works by lightly brushing the surface LPs and optical discs. The ASB-1 will remove static charge and at the same time remove any dust from the grooves of LPs. Read More View the full article
  5. Must admit that I was a little surprised, and honored, when EnjoyTheMusic.com's Creative Director Steven R. Rochlin called and offered me the opportunity to review the Audio Research LS28 line stage and VT80 amplifier. Have been away from writing for several years due to some major health issues. During that period, it was decided that I would downsize my system and so sold most of the components that made up my reference system for many years. Kept only my VPI analog front end and Wilson Audio speakers. Also moved to a new home that provided me with a dedicated room, and so I set up a modest system built around the remaining components plus a DK Design Group VS.1 Mk II integrated amplifier. Inserting both components was straightforward. Before setting up the preamp and amp, I read both manuals from cover to cover to see if there was anything I needed to be wary of during setup. There was not. All that is required is to install the tubes for both products into their proper sockets. Audio Research thoughtfully includes a Phillips screwdriver and marks each tube so that it will be inserted into the appropriate socket. The units were placed in the racks. Both units were plugged into a Core Power Technologies Equi-Core 1800 balanced line conditioner. I let both units break-in for 150 hours before sitting down to do any serious listening. Read More View the full article
  6. When I first heard a prototype of the Abyss Diana headphones last October, the final voicing had not been finalized, but what I heard really impressed me! This audition was immediately after hearing one of my very favourite flagship headphones of all time (the Abyss AB1266 Phi) immediately prior to them and as a result, these headphones really got my attention! What I noticed immediately was the outstanding attention to detail in terms of the build quality and included accessories, and as soon as I put them on my head, they seemed as light as a feather and were very comfortable as well. Then when I first started listening to them, I was greeted with an expansive soundscape that was both balanced and extremely transparent. This quick 15 minute listening session was certainly more than enough to pique my interest in these new headphones. So when the founder of Abyss Headphones, Joe Skubinski contacted me early this year about a review, I jumped at the opportunity! Read More View the full article
  7. VANA, Ltd. introduces their Revolv Supreme Clean Record Cleaning Solution ($12 on up). The Revolv brand of analog audio accessory products was developed to fill the need for high-quality accessories geared toward the analog music enthusiast. Supreme Clean's alcohol-free formula is safe for all records and is sold in a ready-to-use formulation requiring no additional ingredients or messy dilution like many competitive cleaners. Supreme Clean is ideal for use with a vacuum or ultrasonic record cleaning machine. Read More View the full article
  8. It's not often you see a vintage VW Bus get on two wheels. At least, not intentionally. View the full article
  9. Google says phishing incidents among its employees dropped to zero after adopting Security Keys. View the full article
  10. CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    And it's back again.
  11. Enjoy the Music.com has just posted the July / August 2018 issue of NOVO (was CANADA HiFi). Articles within this issue include searching for the ultimate social VR experience, how to build a great sounding stereo system for $5000, plus a special journey to higher quality audio with Nordost Leif Cables. Other articles and reviews include shifting cultural acceptance of privacy invasion, adventures in sound with Totem Tribe Tower speakers, Gold Note P-1000 solid-state amplifier, Roksan Audio K3 integrated amplifier, and lastly Audeze LCD2 classic headphones. Read More View the full article
  12. Do specialty cables work? What about Shakti Stones or Mpingo Discs or Cable Wraps? Or cable lifters? Did painting the edges of CDs green or marking them with purple actually do anything? What about magic brass bowls? Or Magic Dots? Or Magic Clocks? Or those little stick-on or set-on things claimed to neutralize or improve room acoustics? Or spikes or special feet or vibration mounts? How about accessory AC power cords? Or line conditioners? Or battery power supplies? Or clear plastic instead of metal top covers for our electronics? Or any of what seems to be a thousand other "tweaks" for our systems? Are all, most, or even some of those things "Voodoo" or "Snake Oil" as so many apparently knowledgeable people claim? Or are they real products, providing real sonic benefits? Read More View the full article
  13. Roland is pleased to announce "Thomas Dolby Live in Roland Cloud," a historic first-ever concert streamed live in Roland Cloud. Free and open to all, the performance by electronic music icon and Roland Lifetime Achievement Award winner Thomas Dolby will take place on Thursday, July 26 @ 4 pm PDT within Roland Cloud. During the 1980s, electronic music innovator Thomas Dolby became renowned for his technical prowess and a new sound that blended his love for technology and passion for music — a sound that launched his career and helped him rise to international fame during the heyday of MTV. Dolby can also lay claim to being a music technology and software maven, a published author and filmmaker, and a Professor of the Arts at Johns Hopkins University. Featuring just a few keyboards, a drum pad, and a MacBook running synthesizers from Roland Cloud, Dolby's rig for this live event is simple, but the output will be projected onscreen during the performance to give the audience a unique "under the hood" perspective. Read More View the full article
  14. Futuresource Consulting Ltd. are delighted to announce Amazon's Theunis Scheepers, UK Country Manager - Alexa Voice Services, as this year's keynote speaker on November 8th. Joining Amazon so far will be Microsoft, AI Music and Lewis Silkin, more speakers to be announced over the coming weeks. As the professional audio industry continues to evolve and the consumer audio industry continues to search for new opportunities, we are now beginning to see a convergence of two once divided markets. On this, the 5th anniversary of the Audio Collaborative event, Futuresource is delighted to bring together industry heavyweights from the two colliding worlds of professional and consumer audio for the first time, to discuss the technology and market drivers that are blurring the lines between these sectors. Read More View the full article
  15. These little robots will face off in a series of tests for strength, agility and speed. View the full article
  16. A 3D-printed trap will capture and release jellyfish, octopus, and delicate sea creatures gently and safely. View the full article
  17. These scales can measure just about anything. View the full article
  18. A Wisconsin cyclist ignored the warning gates and rode a little too close to the raised bridge span View the full article
  19. A new look at sea-level rise projections discovered a threat to coastal internet infrastructure that may come much sooner than expected. View the full article
  20. It's all about your default browser. View the full article
  21. Produced by Dagogo, the California Audio Show is entering its eighth year serving the high-end audio and headphone community. Response of the 2017 CAS from exhibitors and attendees have been overwhelmingly positive. Exhibitors reported unprecedented attendance in each room and attendees reported extended listening time in exhibits. According to Dagogog, "It is now apparent what only small shows like the CAS can contribute to the health of the audio industry." Read More View the full article
  22. In my previous article I was using Wi-Fi on the Pi with music files sourced from a directly connected USB disk. With USBridge I wasn't going to use Wi-Fi, even though I could use a dongle but why would I when the idea is to reduce RF interference? The USBridge was the product to make me finally run a long Ethernet cable from my router through a floor and a wall into my listening room. This cable feeds an Ethernet Switch which connects to both my fanless Windows media server and to either the Pi or USBridge. Such that I could establish a benchmark I connected up the Pi 3 to Ethernet and immediately heard a small but noticeable improvement, some would say more analogue or refined sounding. There was a little more composure being exhibited. Next I setup my fanless PC to be a media server ie as Network Attached Storage (NAS); I setup my music directories to be available to the Pi and USBridge. Initially with the Pi I heard a more refined sound when music was played via Ethernet versus the USB drive some might prefer the added sparkle of a directly connected USB drive but I felt the USB drive was a little brash sounding in comparison to Ethernet. Read More View the full article
  23. Records Collecting Dust II focuses on the East Coast cities of Boston, New York and Washington DC. This film includes in depth interviews with twenty eight highly influential people from the 1980s hardcore punk, post-punk, and other music scenes. This film features Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat, John Joseph of Cro-Mags, Dave Smalley of DYS, Roger Miret of Agnostic Front and Clif Croce of The Freeze. This film also features EnjoyTheMusic.com's very own Editor Tom Lyle who played with the popular band Government Issue. Each musician discusses the music, the bands, and the records that forever changed their lives. Read More View the full article
  24. New DSP from Dayton (408)

    Check it here: https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dsp-408-4x8-dsp-digital-signal-processor-for-home-and-car-audio--230-500
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