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  2. Some recent photos at Slamology 2017 when we debuted the SSA IC150.4 and SSA IC2200.1 amplifiers. If you are wondering why Scottie Johnson of XS Power is holding the monoblock, that is because there is XS Flex OFC wire inside (see bright blue contrast to red board).
  3. This issue of Australian Hi-Fi features sound bites of the Klipsch wireless audio, Cyrus One App, Sugden Grande, Densen Cast, IsoAcoustics Aperta, Audio Research DAC8 upgrade, KEF Space One, Pioneer XDP-300R, Benchmark DAC3, Amina Edge, NAD M50.2, and Marten Mingus Quintet. High-end gear reviews include the HiFiMAN Edition X V2 headphones, Harbeth Monitor 30.1 loudspeakers, Denon DCD-2500NE SACD player, Questyle Reference System Golden Edition, Torus AVR2 power conditioner, and Krix Epicentrix Mk2 center channel speaker. Read More View the full article
  4. "For a guy who's got all 10 fingers on the pulse of high-end audio, testing equipment is no laughing matter, " says Cool Clevlands's Tom Mulready. "Wait, who are we kidding? With Steve Rochlin of Enjoy The Music, everything's a laughing matter. That's why we love him." Read More View the full article
  5. Germany's Fraunhofer Institute, early developers and licensers of the MP3 format, has announced that it has has terminated Technicolor's mp3 licensing program for certain mp3 related patents and software. The Fraunhofer Institute thanks all of their licensees "for their great support in making mp3 the defacto audio codec in the world, during the past two decades. The development of mp3 started in the late 80s at Fraunhofer IIS, based on previous development results at the University Erlangen-Nuremberg." Read More View the full article
  6. Dynaco (a division of Radial Engineering Ltd. presents the re-launch of a legendary tube amplifier, the ST-70 Series 3 tube amplifier, that was first shown worldwide during Enjoy the's HIGH END Munich event last year. Dynaco's ST-70 Series 3 stereo tube amplifier prodices 35 Watts per channel stereo and switchable between both 4 and 8 Ohm outputs. Using Class-A push-pull stereo topography, versions of this amplifier in the past have been characterized as a robust, with a reliable design of exceptional value. The ST-70 Series 3 builds upon the proven design philosophies of the original David Hafler-designed Stereo 70, with contemporary design techniques resulting in exceptional performance improvements that meet the requirements of modern audiophiles. Read More View the full article
  7. MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) once again boosts the availability of MQA-enabled products and software. MQA seeks to improve the sound quality of physical format releases plus online music streams and downloads. A few months back MQA was debuted on TIDAL's global streaming service and is available to premium subscribers. The list of MQA-enabled hardware partners continues to grow, from boutique to big brands. The list includes AudioQuest, CanEVER Audio, dCS, Esoteric, IAG, Krell, Lumin, Mark Levinson, MOON by Simaudio, Pro-Ject Audio Systems, TEAC and Wadax. Read More View the full article
  8. High-tech Canadian magazine NOVO (was CANADA HIFI) new issue is available free for download and features a special article concerning wearable technology. NOVO's May/June issue also includes the rise of robots, artificial intelligence and smart machines plus a beginner's guide to building a hi-fi system. Why Virtual Reality brings the latest realizations to this virtual world. High-end audio gear reviews include Unison Research Unico 90 integrated amplifier, Hafler PH50 solid-state moving coil phono stage, Mundorf MA30 custom made speaker kit, and SilverGold Series Focal Utopia headphones. Read More View the full article
  9. Magico's M6 floorstanding three-way, five-driver loudspeaker establishes a new pinnacle of engineering and design vision at the company. Since the release of the M-Project in 2014, Alon Wolf and his engineering team have worked to expand upon the ground breaking designs that were first introduced in the critically acclaimed product which included the application of carbon side panels. The new M6 represents the culmination of such efforts and a major advance in loudspeaker design. The most compelling aspect is the six-sided, monocoque enclosure sculpted of 0.5" carbon fiber, leveraging the latest Aerospace materials and technologies. Read More View the full article
  10. HelloEar debuts its platinum and rose gold custom range for professional musicians and audiophiles. Every pair of HelloEar Wonderland PROs are unique to their wearer and provide the most comfortable and secure fit when listening to music. The sleek design and metal construction combine in an elegant platinum or rose gold shell guaranteed to make an impression whether on the stage or in the recording studio. HelloEar encourages customization on the outside too. For all PRO ranges, which includes the resin shelled CIEMs, musicians can choose from 100 designs, which includes artwork and symbols. Read More View the full article
  11. Approximately 500 exhibitors will be showcasing their products during HIGH END's Munich 2017 show in Germany. As one of high-end audio's most important European event, exhibitor space at Munich's large M.O.C. is completely sold out. To be held from May 18th through 21th, HIGH END 2017 is Europe's most prominent and largest audio show of the year. The first day of the exhibition is exclusivel. Read More View the full article
  12. Bob Marley & the Wailers' classic Exodus album, the ninth studio album of the band, was released on June 3, 1977, featuring a new backing band including brothers Carlton and Aston "Family Man" Barrett on drums and bass, Tyrone Downie on keyboards, Alvin "Seeco" Patterson on percussion, and the I Threes, Judy Mowatt, Marcia Griffiths and Rita Marley on backing vocals, and newest member Julian "Junior Marvin" on guitar. Read More View the full article
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  15. has posted the April issue of The Absolute Sound. Reviews within this edition include UltraAnalogue Recordings reel-to-reel tape, Brahms Symphonies on Direct-to-Disc vinyl, an affordable speaker focus, Air Tight AL-05 Bonsai, Audioengine HDP6, Aerial Acoustics Model 5T, ATC SCM19A, exaSound PlayPoint Network Player and e32 DAC, Shunyata Research Denali AC conditioning, Accuphase C-3850, Soulution 755 phonostage. Read More View the full article
  16. As part of TACET's Auryn Series, their newly released Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Quintet in G minor KV 516 and Quintet in B flat major KV 174 featuring Nobuko Imai on viola SACD provides inspiring sound in both stereo and surround sound. TACET says, "Compared with other formats, CDs are by far the bestsellers at TACET. Even the LP boom years of 2012-2014 didn't alter that. Currently, our high-quality multi-channel recordings in TACET Real Surround Sound are gaining in popularity. Sales in this format had already exceeded those of LPs by 2015, and by 2016 they had surpassed them." Read More View the full article
  17. Yes, I can confirm it: Roger Waters smiles. And laughs. A lot. During an hour-long in-person conversation with the man in the Sony Club atop Madison Avenue in New York City in mid-September, Waters, the co-founder of Pink Floyd, was quite amused and very much engaged while discussing techie topics like the origins of the mighty Floyd's live quad inclinations. He also continues to be deeply impressed by the surround-sound mixes his longtime production colleague, James Guthrie, has done for seminal albums like 1973's The Dark Side of the Moon, 1975's Wish You Were Here, and the recent 5.1 recasting of his often overlooked 1992 solo album, Amused to Death. Read More View the full article
  18. Pandora has announced their new $9.99/month Premium service. Taking advantage of the company's two core strengths, their Music Genome Project and massive amount of data collection from 81 million listeners, Pandora is going to use their data to benefit music lovers worldwide. New features that Premium offers includes the long-awaited on-demand song listening as Spotify users have enjoyed for years, plus Premium will have you making custom playlists with ease. Read More View the full article
  19. To mark 30 years since the release of U2's fifth studio album The Joshua Tree, an anniversary edition of the iconic record will be released by Interscope Records in June 2017 (seven LP Super Deluxe Box Set, four CD box set, etc available). Alongside the 11-track album, the super deluxe collector's edition includes a live recording of The Joshua Tree Tour 1987 Madison Square Garden concert; rarities and B-sides from the album's original recording sessions; as well as 2017 remixes from Daniel Lanois, St Francis Hotel, Jacknife Lee, Steve Lillywhite and Flood; plus an 84-page hardback book of unseen personal photography shot by The Edge during the original Mojave Desert photo session in 1986. Read More View the full article
  20. Linn just launched their all-new Klimax 350 loudspeaker and Klimax Exaktbox with enhanced performance thanks to the company's latest 4th generation in-house digital-to-analog conversion (DAC) technology called Katalyst. Linn's Katalyst DAC architecture was first seen within their Klimax DS and Klimax DSM network music players. Read More View the full article
  21. Van den Hul's Crimson Stradivarius MC Phono Cartridge... Wow! I've never heard Abbey Road sound like this. And when Ringo plays his short drum solo about 30 seconds into "The End", the walls and window frames shook from the bass response of his kick drum and floor-tom, as the very lowest frequencies are reproduced by the Stradivarius with expert precision. Again, it was scary real. And fun. Read More View the full article
  22. Montréal's Salon Son & Image high-end audio show, now the Montréal Audio Fest, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Now reconstituted as a non-profit organization, it continues to cater to an ever-growing community. The Montréal Audio Fest 2017 show is not only the oldest specialty audio salon in North America, but also the only one that, for the second year, offers free admission to all. Promoters of Montréal's Audio Fest want you to get involved by sending them your ideas, help promote it, plus encourage your favorite dealers and distributors to exhibit. Read More View the full article
  23. Well let me tell you this. It rules! This was the clearest, cleanest sound, a notch above my earlier listening tests. That a $3995 component, with all this functionality, could play at such a high level through an amp, cables and speakers that are designed for shocking levels of transparency is a high achievement indeed. Read More View the full article
  24. Tidal Force is excited to announce their worldwide debut into the high performance audio market with the introduction of their Wave 5 high-fidelity planar magnetic headphones ($299). As the growth of portable digital music continues to explode, high quality headphones are becoming increasingly popular. Tidal Force is proud to introduce the exciting Wave 5 open-backed planar magnetic headphone, which utilizes one of the most sought-after technologies by headphone enthusiast. Read More View the full article
  25. A few years late, but we are finally getting a very nice tweeter going that is worthy of being a part of the SSA line. The pictures below show the prototypes, they are really attractive in person and will, in production form, bare the SSA logo. See the attached files for the 4 and 8 ohm versions. They are quite smooth to my ear (aka not super bright like some metal dome tweets can be) and blend well with the Evil6.5's (vital to the design). These are not a PA style, 'screamy' tweet, these are meant for sound quality first and foremost. Possible future home audio plans. Pricing is not set just yet. These will be sold as a pair. Some quick points of info: 28mm Silk Dome, Large Roll Surround Aluminum Faceplace and Housing Sound Transparent Grill Low Fs. for flexibility in both Home & Car Neo Motor with Shallow non-Resonant Chamber 61.9mm (2.44") dia. flange, 21.5mm (.85") depth 65 watts rms
  26. Did another minor forum software update.
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