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  5. Almost 20 years after the release of the mythical preamplifier PL-P in 1998, Nagra Audio will introduce at the RMAF 2017 one of the most ambitious projects of its history, the HD PREAMP ($59,500). The Nagra R&D Department, served by ten skilled and specialized audio engineers, worked on this project for the past three years with the goal of creating the most revealing and engaging preamplifier in the world. Read More View the full article
  6. Peachtree Audio's new decco125 SKY ($1199) features many versatile options mated with a powerful 120 Watt per channel stereo amplifier. With an on-board DAC for your computer, CD player, TV or other digital devices, you can bring Hi-Res Audio music into your home. Digital inputs include optical TosLink and USB-B. The unbalanced RCA phono section and auxiliary inputs have separate power supplies, and operate via full analog circuitry. Read More View the full article
  7. Legacy Audio will premiere their new Valor loudspeaker system at RMAF 2017 that features a new direction for the company. Powered by 2750 Watts per side, the Valor is first to employ Stereo Unfold technology licensed from Bohmer Audio of Sweden. By combining a controlled-directivity front array for the initial wave-launch and a side/rear-firing ambient array, Valor is claimed to be able to "reconstruct the natural sequence of sound arrival of the performance space". Read More View the full article
  8. McIntosh Labs has just announced their MHA50 ($700) portable battery powered DAC with headphone amplifier. The handheld MHA50 Portable Decoding Amplifier can make your music sound its best through your headphones. McIntosh's MHA50 includes wired inputs for Apple iOS devices as well as Android devices that are compatible with USB On-The-Go technology plus Mac and Windows computers. It can also wirelessly connect to these devices via Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX technology. It features a high-performance 32-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and supports 32-bit/192kHz Hi-Res Audio, DSD256 and DXD384 files as well as asynchronous USB audio. Read More View the full article
  9. FPI has released Connecting With Music, the 2017 Music Consumer Insight Report. Based on research conducted by Ipsos Connect, the report examines the ways in which fans are engaging with recorded music across 13 of the world's leading music markets. Report highlights include that fans worldwide are increasingly engaged with audio streaming: Globally, 45% are listening through a licensed audio streaming service (up from 37% in 2016). 90% of paid audio streamers listen to music using a smartphone. Read More View the full article
  10. Astell&Kern's new AK70 MK II ($699) features two major upgrades from its sibling, the AK70. The new AK70 MK II is a dual DAC player that features two Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC chipsets, one each for the left and right channels. The separate DAC for each independent left and right audio channel produces a wider soundstage and better stereo separation. The new AK70 MK II features almost twice the power output from the 2.5mm, four-pole unbalanced output than the AK70. Read More View the full article
  11. EnjoyTheMusic.com's Best Of 2017 Blue Note Awards celebrates the many great achievements by audiophile manufacturers within the high-end audio and Hi-Res Audio industry. Our 2017 Blue Note Awards is a culmination of seventeen years of reviewing and carefully choosing what products have earned special recognition for our annual awards. Our Best Of 2017 Blue Note Award celebrates the very best products we have reviewed during the previous 12 months. Read More View the full article
  12. Chris Sommovigo and Black Cat Cable is releasing a new series of cable in mid-November at an introductory price of $499.95 for one-meter pair (going up to $599.95 in 2018). Called Airwave 3200 Series, these cables are being billed as ground shifting designs that deliver a giant-slaying level of transparency. The combination of Sommovigo's legendary "Matrix-32" 4-pole/32-element braid of individually-insulated pure copper conductors and his 'name'-processed Airwave twisted pair inside a thin-walled pure PTFE air-filled tube is simultaneously very complex and yet elegantly simple. Read More View the full article
  13. Zesto Audio is pleased to announce their first audio accessory, the Andros Allasso Step Up Transformer ($2995). With an easy to use 10 position loading, there is also a 4 ratio-gain settings plus Mono and Stereo switch. Unlike most step up transformers (SUT) which are customized to a specific phono cartridge with few adjustments, Zesto Audio's Allasso is a versatile SUT with 40 adjustments in Mono and 40 adjustments for your stereo MC cartridge. Read More View the full article
  14. As the very first paragraph of my review concerning the Premier 17LS preamplifier says, "Any true music loving audiophile worth their salt knows about the great products from conrad-johnson. It all began during the mid-seventies where two economists friends, who were avid music lovers, joined forces. Specifically, Dr. William Conrad and Dr. Lewis Johnson felt that the then available equipment left much to be desired. After much research and development came a commercially produced conrad-johnson preamplifier that immediately brought critical acclaim as makers of great sounding vacuum tube gear." Read More View the full article
  15. According to the RIAA, during the first half of 2017 growth in revenues from music subscription streaming services continued to offset declines in traditional (physical, etc) unit based sales. Estimated retail revenues from recorded music in the United States grew 17% in the first half of 2017 to $4 billion. At wholesale value, the industry was up 14.6% to $2.7 billion. This growth reflects a continuation of the trends from 2016, but overall market revenues are still significantly below the levels they were in 1999. Revenues from streaming music services accounted for 62% of the total market for the first half of 2017. Read More View the full article
  16. Schiit's new Magni 3 headphone amplifier ($99) features twice the output power of the original Magni, together with greater flexibility and significantly enhanced measured performance. Magni 3 is rated at a full 2 Watt RMS per channel, two channels into 32 Ohms due to an all-new fully discrete, fully-complementary current-feedback gain stage, together with a linear power supply with over 6000uF of filter capacitance and a 21VA transformer. Schiit's Magni 3 headphone amplifier features virtually all of the flexibility and cosmetic touches of the previous Magni 2 Uber from Magni 2 — at a price that's $50 lower. Read More View the full article
  17. EnjoyTheMusic.com's seventh annual TAVES Consumer Electronics Show (Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show) report features Canada's ultimate high-technology showcase. TAVES 2017 takes place at the Toronto Congress Centre from October 13th through 15th and connects trade professionals, media and consumers to the many facets of consumer electronics. This world-class exposition attracts companies from around the globe and showcases cutting edge technology and innovation spanning a broad range of categories, including audio, video, robotics, wearables, smart devices, 3D printing, drones, electronic gadgets and more. Read More View the full article
  18. The new Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series delivers exceptional performance from a wide-ranging, comprehensive collection of loudspeakers. The series sees the implementation of technology first seen in the high-end 800 Series Diamond, a range of class-leading speakers that are regarding by many as the best loudspeakers in the world, alongside bespoke technology seen here for the first time. Technologies that have 'trickled down' from the 800 Series Diamond include the revolutionary Continuum midrange driver, which is the cleanest and most transparent midrange cone material Bowers & Wilkins has ever used. Read More View the full article
  19. If you are looking for a reference amp for pro audio applications, I actually think this would be an outstanding choice, especially paired with the Sennheiser HD600 or HD800 and a good balanced cable. I also think this is a great option to satisfy those who want to hear their music on a massive stage, especially classical fans. Every time I popped on a big orchestral piece, I was quickly reminded of just how epic the RH-5's presentation can be. Read More View the full article
  20. This issue of Australian Hi-Fi features reviews of the Marantz NA6005 network player, Audio Flight FL Three S integrated amplifier, PSB SubSeries200 subwoofer, Lundahl moving coil transformer, Dynaudio Contour 60 loudspeakers, Sound Blaster E5 DAC / headphone amplifier, Beyerdynamic DT 1770PRO & DT 1990PRO headphones and more. Within his editorial "Another Audio Crowd-Funding Fail...", Greg Borrowman says "What made Kanoa unusual was that it actually shipped some product to backers and also exhibited at CES 2016, but unfortunately for it, it also asked Cody Crouch, who makes YouTube unboxing videos under the name iTw4kz, to review a pair. He wasn't happy with the quality or performance — or the manual! — of the earphones Kanoa loaned him for review, and told them so. Crouch says on his video that rather than fi x the product: 'Kanoa offered me $US500 to post a good review on YouTube.' Crouch ended up posting the worst review of a product I have ever seen and four days after the review went live, the company posted a 'position outline' on its website, as detailed above. Needless to say, with internet exposure like this, the likelihood of Kanoa getting any new backers is now zero. If you don't want to watch the entire 27 minute 35 seconds of Crouch's scathing review, try starting at 23:38, which is about the point he says: 'This is trash. You don't want to have these. This is not a company that you want to deal with.' See what's within this issue of Australian Hi-Fi at this link. View the full article
  21. Gold Note's IS-1000 is an advanced fully integrated amplifier that seamlessly merges a preamplifier, power amplifier, phono stage, DAC and streamer into a unique and complete source. Gold Note IS-1000 is a Roon Ready device, fully compatible with multi-room systems and with a quick plug & play installation: simply plug IS-1000 to the main A/C, connect it to the network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and to the speakers. Read More View the full article
  22. Like all successful (but less expensive) offspring, Oracle Audio's Origine shares its parts and design from its famous siblings. The outline from the Delphi, the feet system from Oracles CD players, and the platter from the Oracle Audio's Paris turntable; all do their part to make the Origine, a visually stunning and sonically satisfying (affordable) turntable. To use Oracle Audio's own words, "the Origine was created to answer the historical demand for an affordable, quality built and long-lasting record player from Oracle Audio" Read More View the full article
  23. With 65 outstanding years of expertise, McIntosh Labs has proudly announced their MA7200 integrated amplifier that is available exclusively for countries outside the USA and Canada (pricing different per country) and MAC7200 receiver ($7000) that is available worldwide. Offering 200 Watts per channel stereo and 14 total inputs, the space-saving MA7200 integrated amplifier can easily become the core of a home audio stereo system. Making up its 14 inputs are 8 analog connections (5 unbalanced RCA, 1 balanced XLR and 1 each of Moving Coil and Moving Magnet) along with 6 digital (2 each of coaxial and optical plus 1 USB and 1 proprietary MCT for use with our series of SACD/CD Transports). Read More View the full article
  24. Featuring a newly renovated venue, EnjoyTheMusic.com's RMAF 2017 show report celebrates 14 consecutive years of reporting on this highly popular event. During the 2017 event, once again we have the Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest teaming up with Head-Fi's CanJam Denver 2017 Denver event! Read More View the full article
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  26. Monrio's largest and most powerful integrated amplifier, the MC 207-NC, sits squarely within the company's core product ranges. The model line-up so far consisted of the MC 202, MC 200, MC 205 and MC 207. With the MC 207-NC, Monrio are introducing a further refined version of the MC 207. Read More View the full article
  27. It all started with "Mary had a little lamb...". Those were the very first words ever recorded, and they were said by Thomas Edison into the horn of his new and amazing sound recording device, the phonograph. That was on December 6, 1877, in the town of West Orange, New Jersey, and that first recording was carved by a needle into a layer of tinfoil (yes, tin; not aluminum) wrapped around a revolving cylinder. Frankly, the sound was awful – scratchy and barely recognizable, but that a recording had been made at all was phenomenal and ushered in a whole new era of technology and, soon, entertainment. Read More View the full article
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