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Classifiedzz Car Audio F/S

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Equipment items FOR Sale in here or Want to Buy.

To help control the CLZZ classifieds, these rules/guidelines have been created. In order to retain an add, you must follow this rules. If not, you will receive a notice to modify the add. If you fail to do so, your add will be deleted.

1. A selling price must be posted.
2. The item(s) for sale must be posted in the title.
3. Please do not create adds for external sales/auctions (i.e. eBay etc...)
4. You must include a pic, please include your screen name and date on a piece of paper within the pic.
5. No post dumping- If you have a problem with the price that is listed, take it up with the individual selling the item privately (PM, email, etc.). DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT post a comment on the same item
at a cheaper price (ebay, internet sites, etc.). Items that are listed in the classifieds are most likely in different condition, not the same, or do not contain the same warranty as such items on ebay and
other internet discount sites, so take this into consideration. If such is posted, the poster will be warned first time, the post will be removed, and the second offense you will be reported to the
Administrator, which may result in your username and IP being banned from this forum.
6. This forum can only be used by company reps at the premission of the adminstration.
We are just trying to keep it fair thank you.

Please leave feedback with respect and consideration!
1.)URL to the F/S thread must be given with any feedback (form field provided)
2.)All Feedbacks submitted must then be approved by the Staff here. This will insure that people aren't making up accounts, and leaving themselves feedback for future scams.

**notes. We offer free image hosting here via the gallery. Please make use of this and post your item pictures in there, then hotlink them to your add. BB code is provided in the gallery.


  1. Buyer / Seller Feedback

    Leave feed back on transactions with members etc.

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